International Conference on Nanotheranostics (ICoN 2013)

Final conference program now available (click here).

Extended paper versions of accepted ICoN 2013 abstracts will be considered for publication (subject to peer review) in the Future Medicine Nanomedicine journal.

Eligible participants will be credited with 18 Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. Please see the conference program for more information.

The development of nanomedicine this past decade has spurred a flurry of developments in novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches which show great promise as a potential medicine paradigm for addressing current treatment roadblocks and persistent clinical needs, which are not successfully addressed with current methodologies. A nanotheranostics conference is an important initiative that could provide the forum for idea exchange and discussion to create a potential high-impact nanomedicine paradigm. The ICoN 2013 conference aims to provide the optimal venue to expand nanotheranostics research in a multidisciplinary environment which will bring together all the key researchers in the nanotheranostics field.

Thematic Areas include:
  1. The roadmap of nanotheranostics development - Patient-oriented approach
  2. Emerging challenges for nanotheranostic applications
  3. Nanoscience technologies for theranostics
  4. Emphasis session on cancer nanotheranostics
  5. Toxicology, regulatory aspects, and ethics

Advanced Summer School

Managing Drug Resistance with Nanomedicine

Prior to the 2013 International Conference on Nanotheranostics (ICoN 2013), the Marie Curie IAPP NANORESISTANCE consortium will be organizing an Advanced Summer School intended for young researchers. See the Advanced Summer School section for more information.

"Nanoparticle targeting a specific cell."