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Thursday – September 17, 2015


Women in Cognitive Science (WiCS) Symposium | Room: Lara A-B


European Research Council (ERC) Symposium | Room: Lara A-B


Conference Opening | Room: Akamas A-B-C-D


Keynote Lecture 1 – A core brain system in assembly of cognitive episodes
The Broadbent Lecture : John Duncan | Room: Akamas A-B-C-D


Poster Session A | Area: Akamas Terrace


Welcome Reception | Area: Palm Deck – Azia Gardens

Friday – September 18, 2015


Symposia Presentations

Attention and working memory: commonalities and differences | Akamas A
Automatic and strategic processes in the Stroop effect | Akamas B
Current methods and advances in prospective memory research | Akamas C
Big data approaches to understanding visual word recognition | Akamas D
What Bayesian methods can do for cognitive science | Lara A-B
Implicit vs. explicit learning and consolidation | Amoroza A
Neurocognitive correlates of cognitive control | Amoroza B-C
Social and emotional information processing in the developing brain | Amoroza D


Coffee Break | Area: Akamas Terrace


Oral Presentations

Working memory I | Akamas A
Task switching | Akamas B
Language I | Akamas C
Memory I | Akamas D
Bilingualism | Lara A-B
Numerical cognition I | Amoroza A
Speech processing | Amoroza B-C
Decision mechanisms / consciousness | Amoroza D




Oral Presentations

Attention and cognitive control | Akamas A

Visual perception | Akamas B

Language II | Akamas C

Memory II | Akamas D

Bilingualism II | Lara A-B

Social cognition | Amoroza A

Reading and text comprehension | Amoroza B-C

Spatial cognition | Amoroza D


Coffee Break | Area: Akamas Terrace


Keynote Lecture 2:  NET-fMRI of large-scale brain networks: mapping dynamic connectivity in epochs of synaptic and system consolidation
Nikos Logothetis | Room: Akamas A-B-C-D


Poster Session B | Area: Akamas Terrace


ESCOP Business Meeting | Room: Lara A-B

Saturday – September 19, 2015


Symposia Presentations

A fight against forgetting from working memory: refreshing and removal | Akamas A

How is serial order coded in working memory? | Akamas B

Bridging cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence | Akamas C

How cognition supports social interaction: From joint action to dialogue | Akamas D

Relationship between attentional set and task-set | Lara A-B

Unconscious influences on goal-directed cognition | Amoroza A

Cognitive plasticity: evidence for behavioral and neural changes after intensive cognitive training | Amoroza B-C

Circadian influences on human cognition: a multidisciplinary approach from cognitive neuroscience and chronobiology | Amoroza D


Coffee Break | Area: Akamas Terrace


Oral Presentations

Attention I | Akamas A

Numerical cognition II | Akamas B

Language III | Akamas C

Cognitive control I | Akamas D

Visual word recognition | Lara A-B

Dyslexia / phonological processing | Amoroza A

Cognitive aging / dementia | Amoroza B-C

Learning | Amoroza D




Oral Presentations

Attention II | Akamas A

Working memory II | Akamas B

Action / perception | Akamas C

Cognitive control II | Akamas D

Emotion I | Lara A-B

Bilingualism III | Amoroza A

Neuropsychology | Amoroza B-C

Reasoning | Amoroza D


Coffee Break | Area: Akamas Terrace


Keynote Lecture 3 – Perception of symmetry: behavioural and neural mechanisms
Bertelson Award: Zaira Cattaneo | Room: Akamas A-B-C-D


Poster Session C | Area: Akamas Terrace


Conference Dinner (optional)

Sunday – September 20, 2015


Symposia Presentations

The role of long-term memory in working memory | Akamas A

Executive control in affective contexts: evidence from healthy, clinical and paediatric populations | Akamas B

Current trends in associative learning | Akamas C

The cognitive effects of bilingualism | Akamas D

Social antecedents and consequences of action control | Lara A-B

How emotion and motivation influence cognitive control | Amoroza A

Modulating the social brain via transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) | Amoroza B-C

The role of stress in visual word recognition and reading aloud | Amoroza D


Coffee Break | Area: Akamas Terrace


Oral Presentations

Attention and objects | Lara A-B

Face processing | Amoroza A

Emotion II | Amoroza B-C

Memory and categorisation | Amoroza D


Keynote Lecture 4: Language from an embrained perspective: It is hard to give a good lecture
Peter Hagoort | Room: Akamas A-B-C-D


Conference closing

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