Workshops at FM 2016

Program and Additional Information

FM 2016 will feature the following workshops. The workshops will be held on November 7 and 8 . Please see the links below for further information about each workshop.

FM-Priv 2016:
1st Workshop on Formal Methods for Privacy
Overture 2016:
14th Overture Workshop
Doctoral Symposium
F-IDE 2016:
3rd Workshop on Formal Integrated Development Environment


Monday 7, November

FM-Priv 2016:
1st Workshop on Formal Methods for Privacy

Individual privacy is a fundamental notion in today's society. The recent developments of large scale information systems, such as social networks, large databases that store private data, and network applications, present new challenges in the preservation of individual privacy. Formal methods are known to provide rigorous and well-formed solutions to problems associated with system quality and behavior. In the context of privacy, formal methods aim to establish well-founded techniques for the analysis of privacy requirements in modern systems that aggregate private information. This workshop explicitly focuses on formal foundations for privacy inside information systems. It is an opportunity for researchers to exchange their ideas with an interested audience, with the goal of creating new ideas and future collaboration. Furthermore, the workshop aims to promote the topic of applying formal methods for privacy as a high impact topic.

Overture 2016: 14th Overture Workshop

This is the 14th in a series of workshops on the Vienna Development Method (VDM) seen in the open-source Overture setting. Although VDM is one of the oldest formal methods to have enjoyed a level of industry use, it nevertheless has a lively and youthful research community, which has grown up around the development of the Overture open tools platform. On top of the Overture platform the Crescendo and Symphony tools from respectively the DESTECS and COMPASS projects. Currently the Overture tools are being further extended inside the INTO-CPS project (see as well as in the TEMPO experiment (see supported by the CPSE-Labs project (see The platform provides a vehicle for activity in modelling and analysis technology including static analysis, interpreters, test generation and execution support and model checking. The growth of this community has been greatly assisted by the Overture workshop series.


Tuesday 8, November

F-IDE 2016: 3rd Workshop on Formal Integrated Development Environment

Formal Integrated Development Environment (F-IDE) is a workshop dedicated to formal tools for the rigorous specification, design, analysis, and documentation of a system. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to): design and implementation of formal tools; integration of formal tools with Object-Oriented languages; static analyzers; automatic proof tools; documentation tools; certification tools; experience reports on developing and using existing formal tools in industrial applications.