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THE URBANIZATION of (IN)JUSTICE: Public spaces in uncertain geographies

The University of Cyprus, Department of Architecture invites you to the annual meeting of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP)’s Thematic Group Public Spaces and Urban Cultures, which will take place in the United Nations Buffer Zone in Nicosia in the period between 16th and 18th May 2018. This meeting is organized in parallel to the Cyprus Network of Urban Morphology conference, “Urban Morphology in South-Eastern Mediterranean Cities: challenges and opportunities”. The purpose of this meeting is to unfold, discuss, rethink and challenge prevailing discourses about “just” or “unjust” processes of urban transformation from the perspective of public space. We look forward to a critical and constructive debate on the research, policy and public agendas about this issue to contribute to the academic and public discussions on the role of public space to achieve “just” cities.

Topics include among others:

  • Public space in relation to urban just and unjust conditions, today and through time
  • Public space and equity, public space and diversity, public space, identity, spatiality and power
  • Re-thinking public space through the connections between notions of justice, social relations, and spatial form
  • Responses to unjust urban patterns in form of emerging practices of self-organization and negotiations of difference in cities’ public spaces
  • Role of actors in the production of public space.
  • Everyday practices of establishing spatial justice and injustice
  • Creation of subjectivities in or with public space
  • Politics of public space

We are happy to announce that, during the meeting an exhibition will also take place, in the United Nations Buffer Zone in Nicosia. The exhibition will host undergraduate and postgraduate students’ projects, related to the themes of the conference.

We would particularly welcome projects related to Nicosia (buffer zone) contributing to the dialogue that has risen over the last few years around the city’s Buffer Zone and the formulation of proposals for future design strategies.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on May 16th, in parallel with the opening of the AESOP and CyNUM conferences and will last for the duration of the conferences.

Each work will be digitally projected on the conferences’ main spaces and will be disseminated through the conference’s website. Projects should be submitted in the form of “Photo Essays” (format attached). Participation is free of charge.

Photo Essays Forms

Call for participations: April 11th 2018
Project submission: May 5th, 2018

The location of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean offers a unique venue at the confluence of three continents and a multitude of cultures that face unique urban challenges. Throughout its history, Cyprus has been undergoing various dynamics related to refugees, migration and social fragmentation, which have led to changes in urban spaces and everyday social life, thus turning it to fertile ground for collaborative ideas among public space scholars and practitioners from different backgrounds. Nicosia, the last divided capital of Europe, offers an ideal location to discuss the issues addressed in this conference. As a city with a prolonged history of conflict, internal refugees’ displacements, migration and tourists’ flows, economic fluctuations and rapid, often abrupt urban transformations, it serves as a laboratory to observe and explore the production, development and the role of public spaces in unstable and contested contexts. More information about the venue is available at the conference website.

For further information on AESOP TG PSUC Nicosia meeting please contact:
Nadia Charalambous (local host Cyprus),