21st European Conference on Advances in
Databases and Information Systems

Hilton Cyprus Hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus
24 - 27 September

Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

Cost-function complexity matters: When does parallel dynamic programming pay off for join-order optimization
Andreas Meister and Gunter Saake

Genotypic Data in Relational Databases: Efficient Storage and Rapid Retrieval
Ryan N. Lichtenwalter, Katerina Zorina-Lichtenwalter and Luda Diatchenko

Incremental Frequent Itemsets Mining with MapReduce
Kirill Kandalov and Ehud Gudes

General and Specific Model Notions
Bernhard Thalheim

Migrating Web Archives from HTML4 to HTML5: a Block-Based Approach and its Evaluation
Andres Sanoja and Stephane Gancarski

Updating RDF/S Databases under Constraints
Mirian Halfeld-Ferrari and Dominique Laurent

Cost Model for Pregel on GraphX
Rohit Kumar, Alberto Abello and Toon Calders

Rethinking DRAM Caching for LSMs in an NVRAM Environment
Lucas Lersch, Ismail Oukid, Ivan Schreter and Wolfgang Lehner

A Tool for Design-Time Usability Evaluation of Web User Interfaces
Jevgeni Marenkov, Tarmo Robal and Ahto Kalja

Fast Subsequence Matching in Motion Capture Data
Jan Sedmidubsky, Pavel Zezula and Jan Svec

Towards High Similarity Search Throughput by Dynamic Query Reordering and Parallel Processing
Filip Nalepa, Michal Batko and Pavel Zezula

Comparative Evaluation of Distributed Clustering Schemes for Multi-source Entity Resolution
Alieh Saeedi, Eric Peukert and Erhard Rahm

Generating fixed-size training sets for large and streaming datasets
Stefanos Ougiaroglou, Georgios Arampatzis, Dimitris A. Dervos and Georgios Evangelidis

Sparse Prefix Sums
Michael Shekelyan, Anton Dignös and Johann Gamper

Interactive Time Series Subsequence Matching
Danila Piatov, Sven Helmer and Johann Gamper

Detecting user focus in OLAP analyses
Mahfoud Djedaini, Nicolas Labroche, Patrick Marcel and Verónika Peralta

Formalising openCypher Graph Queries in Relational Algebra
József Marton, Gábor Szárnyas and Daniel Varro

SliceNBound: Solving Closest Pairs and Distance Join Queries in Apache Spark
George Mavrommatis, Panagiotis Moutafis, Michael Vassilakopoulos, Francisco García-García and Antonio Corral

Instant restore after a media failure
Caetano Sauer, Goetz Graefe and Theo Härder

Targeted Feedback Collection applied to Multi-Criteria Source Selection
Julio Cesar Cortes Rios, Norman W. Paton, Alvaro A. A. Fernandes, Edward Abel and John A. Keane

Context-Aware Decision Information Packages: An Approach to Human-Centric Smart Factories
Eva Hoos, Pascal Hirmer and Bernhard Mitschang

A Comparison of Distributed Spatial Data Management Systems for Processing Distance Join Queries
Francisco Garcia-Garcia, Antonio Corral, Luis Iribarne, George Mavrommatis and Michael Vassilakopoulos

Historical Traversals in Native Graph Databases
Konstantinos Semertzidis and Evaggelia Pitoura

SPARQL Query Containment with ShEx Constraints
Abdullah Abbas, Pierre Genevès, Cécile Roisin and Nabil Layaïda

"Is it a Fleet or a collection of Ships?": Ontological Anti- Patterns in the modeling of Part-Whole Relations
Tiago Prince Sales and Giancarlo Guizzardi

A Generic and Efficient Framework for Spatial Indexing on Flash-based Solid State Drives
Anderson Chaves Carniel, Ricardo Rodrigues Ciferri and Cristina Dutra De Aguiar Ciferri

Short Papers

Distributing N-Gram Graphs for Classification
Ioannis Kontopoulos, George Giannakopoulos and Iraklis Varlamis.

Assessing the Quality of Spatio-textual Datasets in the Absence of Ground Truth
Mouzhi Ge and Theodoros Chondrogiannis.

T2K2: The Twitter Top-K Keywords Benchmark
Ciprian-Octavian Truica and Jerome Darmont.

Outlier Detection in Data Streams using OLAP Cubes
Felix Heine

Balancing Performance and Energy for Lightweight Data Compression Algorithms
Annett Ungethüm, Patrick Damme, Johannes Pietrzyk, Alexander Krause, Dirk Habich and Wolfgang Lehner

Asynchronous Graph Pattern Matching on Multiprocessor Systems
Alexander Krause, Annett Ungethüm, Thomas Kissinger, Dirk Habich and Wolfgang Lehner

Predicting Access to Persistent Objects through Static Code Analysis
Rizkallah Touma, Anna Queralt, Toni Cortes and Maria S. Perez.

Query-Driven Knowledge-Sharing for Data Integration and Collaborative Data Science
Andreas M. Wahl, Gregor Endler, Peter K. Schwab, Sebastian Herbst and Richard Lenz

A Declarative Approach to Analyzing Schema Objects and Functional Dependencies
Christiane Engels, Andreas Behrend and Stefan Brass

Dear Mobile Agent, Could You Please Find Me a Parking Space?
Oscar Urra and Sergio Ilarri.

P2P Deductive Databases: Well Founded Semantics and Distributed Computation
Luciano Caroprese and Ester Zumpano.

Is Distributed Database Evaluation Cloud-ready?
Daniel Seybold and Jorg Domaschka




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Main Conference' s Short Papers and Workshops' Papers

Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS 767)


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