Accepted Papers

Fall Detection Combining Android Accelerometer and Step Counting Virtual Sensors

Stefan Wagner

Impact of Combined Music and Reminiscence Cognitive Stimulation in Dementia: A Longitudinal Pilot Study Using Musiquence

Luis Ferreira, Mónica Spínola, Sofia Cavaco and Sergi Bermúdez I Badia

Mind Your Step: A diary-based experience of a visually impaired while navigating in an urban city with a smart cane

Bineeth Kuriakose, Irina Cosescu, Raju Shrestha and Frode Eika Sandnes

Experience of Students in Using Online Mental Health Interventions: A Qualitative Study

Olugbenga Oti, Claudette Pretorius and Ian Pitt

Improving Student Mental Health through Health Objectives in a Mobile App

Mikhail Vinogradov, Maiga Chang, Fuhua Lin and Yang Yan

Perspectives on Technology Use in Dementia Care – An Exploratory Study of Nursing Homes in Luxembourg

Mark Monville, Stephan Schlögl, Rebecca Weichelt

and Renate Windbichler

A bio-Inspired Model for Robust Navigation Assistive Devices: a Proof of Concept

Simon Gay, Edwige Pissaloux and Jean-Paul Jamont

Is human mobility an appropriate indicator for covid-19 dynamics? An italian experience

Divya Pragna Mulla, Mario Alessandro Bochicchio

and Antonella Longo

Personalized Sports Nutrition Intervention Using Genetic Testing and Wearable Devices

Jitao Yang

An Innovative Recommendation System for a Knowledge Transfer Matchmaking Platform

Gabriela Rus, Laurentiu Nae, Bogdan Gherman, Calin Vaida, Michel Deriaz, Eduard Oprea and Doina Pisla

An analysis of the potential for the automated stepwise screening program for preeclampsia at week 12 of gestation

Stefan Wagner

A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Feasibility of a Science-based Game Called Symphony to Alleviate Depression Symptoms

Diana C. Gonçalves Mendes, Yuri Almeida, Carla Vale Lucas,

Luísa Soares and Sergi Bermúdez I Badia

Facilitated Collaborative Group Design of Hypothetical Digital Tools to Understand University Students’ Support Needs & Requirements

Gráinne Bannigan, Ciara Duignan and Denise McGrath

A Living-Lab methodology for the testing of an immersive capsule in Elderly care home.

Jennifer Bassement, Sophie Brooks, Christine Selvez,

Cyprienne Machu, Fanny Blondiau and Sebastien Leteneur