Accepted Papers

Papers accepted for Springer's LNAI Proceedings

Simulated Annealing for finding TSP lower bound
Łukasz Strąk, Wojciech Wieczorek and Arkadiusz Nowakowski

A Profile-Based Fast Port Scan Detection Method
Katalin Hajdú-Szücs, Sándor Laki and Attila Kiss

Enhanced Hybrid Component-based Face Recognition
Andile M. Gumede, Serestina Viriri and Mandlenkosi V. Gwetu

Gene Expression Programming Ensemble for Classifying Big Datasets
Joanna Jędrzejowicz and Piotr Jędrzejowicz

Mapping the Territory for a Knowledge-based System
Ulrich Schmitt

Adaptive Neuro Integral Sliding Mode Control on Synchronization of Two Robot Manipulators
Parvaneh Esmaili and Habibollah Haron

Model of a production stand used for digital factory purposes
Markus Bregulla, Sebastian Schrittenloher, Jakub Piekarz and Marek Drewniak

A cellular automaton based system for traffic analyses on the roundabout
Krzysztof Małecki, Jarosław Wątróbski and Waldemar Wolski

Word Embeddings versus LDA for Topic Assignment in Documents
Joanna Jędrzejowicz and Magdalena Zakrzewska

Improving the engineering process in the automotive field through AutomationML
Markus Bregulla and Flavian Meltzer

Testing the Acceptability of Social Support Agents in Online Communities
Lenin Medeiros and Tibor Bosse

Multiagent Coalition Structure Optimization by Quantum Annealing
Florin Leon, Andrei-Stefan Lupu and Costin Badica

Combined technology of lexical selection in rule-based machine translation
Ualsher Tukeyev, Dina Amirova, Aidana Karibayeva, Aida Sundetova and Balzhan Abduali

Shapley Value in a priori Measuring of Intellectual Capital Flows
Jacek Mercik

Sensor Network Coverage Problem: a Hypergraph Model Approach
Krzysztof Trojanowski, Artur Mikitiuk and Mateusz Kowalczyk

Heuristic Optimization of a Sensor Network Lifetime under Coverage Constraint
Krzysztof Trojanowski, Artur Mikitiuk, Frederic Guinand and Michał Wypych

A Bidirectional-Based Spreading Activation Method for Human Diseases Relatedness Detection Using Disease Ontology
Said Fathalla and Yaman Kannot

Enhancing New User Cold-Start based on Decision Trees Active Learning by Using Past Warm-Users Predictions
Manuel Pozo, Raja Chiky, Farid Meziane and Elisabeth Métais

Methods of Training of Neural Networks for Short Term Load Forecasting in Smart Grids
Robert Lis, Artem Vanin and Anastasiia Kotelnikova

An Efficient Parallel Method for Performing Concurrent Operations on Social Networks
Phuong-Hanh Du, Hai-Dang Pham and Ngoc-Hoa Nguyen

Simulating Collective Evacuations with Social Elements
Daniel Formolo and C. Natalie van der Wal

Enhanced reliability of ADAS sensors based on the observation of the power supply current and neural network application
Damian Grzechca, Adam Ziębinski and Paweł Rybka

Semantic Networks Modeling with Operand-Operator Structures in Association-Oriented Metamodel
Marek Krótkiewicz, Marcin Jodłowiec and Krystian Wojtkiewicz

ADAS device operated on CAN bus using PiCAN module for Raspberry Pi
Marek Drewniak, Krzysztof Tokarz and Michał Rędziński

Edge real-time medical data segmentation for IoT devices with computational and memory constrains
Marcin Bernas, Bartłomiej Płaczek and Alicja Sapek

Development of a Sustainable Design Lexicon. Towards Understanding the Relationship between Sentiments, Attitudes and Behaviours.
Vargas Meza Xanat and Yamanaka Toshimasa

Obstacle avoidance by a mobile platform using an ultrasound sensor
Adam Ziebinski, Rafal Cupek and Marek Nalepa

Monitoring and controlling speed for an autonomous mobile platform based on the Hall sensor
Adam Ziebinski, Markus Bregulla, Marcin Fojcik and Sebastian Kłak

Using MEMS sensors to enhance positioning when the GPS signal disappears
Damian Grzechca, Krzysztof Tokarz, Krzysztof Paszek and Dawid Poloczek

Knowledge integration in a manufacturing planning module of a Cognitive Integrated Management Information System
Marcin Hernes and Andrzej Bytniewski

MDBR: Mobile Driving Behavior Recognition Using Smartphone Sensors
Dang-Nhac Lu, Thi-Thu-Trang Ngo, Hong-Quang LE, Thi-Thu-Hien Tran and Manh-Hai NGUYEN

Ant-inspired, Invisible-Hand-controlled robotic system to support rescue works after earthquake.
Tadeusz Szuba

Analysing Cultural Events on Twitter
Brigitte Juanals and Jean-Luc Minel

A Temporal-Causal Model for Spread of Messages in Disasters
Eric Fernandes de Mello Araújo, Annelore Franke and Rukshar Wagid Hosain

A Privacy Preserving and Safety-aware Semi-supervised Model for Dissecting Cancer Samples
Deepthi P S and Sabu M. Thampi

The swarm-like update scheme for opinion formation
Tomasz M. Gwizdałła

The knowledge increase estimation framework for ontology integration on the relation level
Adrianna Kozierkiewicz-Hetmańska and Marcin Pietranik

Enhancing Cholera Outbreaks Prediction Performance in Hanoi, Vietnam Using Solar Terms and Resampling Data
Chau Nguyen Hai

Application of OPC UA Protocol for the Internet of Vehicles
Rafal Cupek, Adam Ziebinski, Marek Drewniak and Marcin Fojcik

Feasibility Study of the application of OPC UA Protocol for the Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
Adam Ziębinski, Marek Drewniak, Marcin Fojcik and Rafal Cupek

Evaluation of Gama Analysis Results Significance within Verification of Radiation IMRT Plans in Radiotherapy
Jan Kubicek, Iveta Bryjova, Kamila Faltynova, Marek Penhaker, Martin Augustynekand Petra Maresova

A Comparative Study of Different Variants of a Memetic Algorithm for ATSP
Krzysztof Szwarc and Urszula Boryczka

Solving Dynamic Traveling Salesman Problem with Ant Colony Communities
Andrzej Sieminski

External environment scanning using cognitive agents
Marcin Hernes, Anna Chojnacka-Komorowska and Kamal Matouk

One Approach to the Description of Linguistic Uncertainties
Nikita Ogorodnikov

Improved Partitioned Shadow Volumes Method of Real-Time Rendering Using Balanced Trees
Kazimierz Choroś and Tomasz Suder

Estimation of delays for individual trams to monitor issues in public transport infrastructure
Marcin Luckner and Jan Karwowski

Decision fusion methods in a dispersed decision system - a comparison on medical data
Małgorzata Przybyła-Kasperek, Agnieszka Nowak - Brzezińska and Roman Simiński

Different Approaches to Indoor Localization Based on Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons and Wi-Fi
Radek Bruha and Pavel Kriz

Knowledge exploration in medical rule-based knowledge bases
Agnieszka Nowak - Brzezińska, Tomasz Rybotycki, Roman Simiński and Małgorzata Przybyła-Kasperek

Computer User Verification based on Typing Habits and Finger-Knuckle Analysis
Hossein Safaverdi, Tomasz Emanuel Wesolowski, Rafał Doroz, Krzysztof Wrobeland Piotr Porwik

Scheduling sensors activity in wireless sensor networks
Antonina Tretyakova, Franciszek Seredynski and Frederic Guinand

Social Networks Based Framework for Recommending Touristic Locations
Mehdi Ellouze, Slim Turki, Younes Djaghloul and Muriel Foulonneau

Social Network-Based Event Recommendation
Dinh Tuyen Hoang, Van Cuong Tran and Dosam Hwang

Improving ACO Convergence with Parallel Tempering
Rafał Skinderowicz

Complex Search Queries in the Corpus Management System
Damir Mukhamedshin, Olga Nevzorova and Aidar Khusainov

Modeling skiers' dynamics and behaviors
Pałka Dariusz and Jaroslaw Wąs

OpenCL for Large-Scale Agent-Based Simulations
Jan Procházka and Kamila Štekerová

Novel effective algorithm for synchronization problem in directed graph
Richard Cimler, Dalibor Cimr, Jitka Kühnová and Hana Tomášková

Towards device interoperability in an heterogeneous Internet of Things environment
Pavel Pscheidl, Richard Cimler and Hana Tomášková

ANN and GMDH Algorithms in QSAR Analyses of Reactivation Potency for Acetylcholinesterase Inhibited by VX Warfare Agent
Rafael Dolezal, Jiri Krenek, Veronika Racakova, Natalie Karaskova, Nadezhda V. Maltsevskaya, Michaela Melikova, Karel Kolar, Jan Trejbal and Kamil Kuca

Genetic Algorithm as Optimization Tool for Differential Cryptanalysis of DES6
Kamil Dworak and Urszula Boryczka

Deep neural networks for matching online social networking profiles
Vicentiu-Marian Ciorbaru and Traian Rebedea

Entropy-based Model for Estimating Veracity of Topics from Tweets
Jyotsna Paryani, Ashwin Kumar Thandapani Kumarasamy and K.M. George

Online comparison system with certain and uncertain criteria based on multi-criteria decision analysis method
Paweł Ziemba, Jarosław Jankowski and Jarosław Wątróbski

Improved Stock Price Prediction By Integrating Data Mining Algorithms and Technical Indicators: A Case Study On Dhaka Stock Exchange
Syeda Shabnam Hasan, Rashida Rahman, Noel Mannan, Haymontee Khan, Jebun Nahar Moni and Rashedur M Rahman

On Some Approach to Integrating User Profiles in Document Retrieval System using Bayesian Networks
Bernadetta Maleszka

Particle Swarm of Agents for Heterogenous Knowledge Integration
Marcin Maleszka

Application of Smart Multidimensional Navigation in Web-Based Systems
Ivan Soukal and Aneta Bartuskova

Hardware Layer of Ambient Intelligence Environment Implementation
Ales Komarek, Jakub Pavlik, Lubos Mercl and Vladimir Sobeslav

Design Proposal of the Corporate Knowledge Management System
Ivan Soukal and Aneta Bartuskova

WINE: Web Integrated Navigation Extension; Conceptual Design, Model and Interface
Ivan Soukal and Aneta Bartuskova

Analysis of denoising autoencoder properties through misspelling correction task
Karol Draszawka and Julian Szymański

Shape Classification using Combined Features
Laksono Kurnianggoro, Wahyono Wahyono, Alexander Filonenko and Kang-Hyun Jo

Multiregional Segmentation Modeling in Medical Ultrasonography: Extraction, Modeling and Quantification of Skin layers and Hypertrophic Scars
Iveta Bryjova, Jan Kubicek, Kristyna Molnarova, Lukas Peter, Marek Penhaker and Kamil Kuca

Effect of Network Topology on Neighbourhood-Aided Collective Learning
Lise Marie Veillon, Gauvain Bourgne and Henry Soldano

Adaptive Motivation System under Modular Reinforcement Learning for Agent Decision-Making Modeling of Biological Regulation
Amine Chohra and Kurosh Madani

Bimodal Biometric Method Fusing Hand Shape and Palmprint Modalities at Rank Level
Nesrine Charfi, Hanene Trichili and Basel Solaiman

Lightweight protocol for M2M communication
Jan Štěpán, Richard Cimler, Jan Matyska, David Šec and Ondřej Krejcar

Wildlife presence detection using the affordable hardware solution and an IR movement detector
Jan Stepan, Matej Danicek, Richard Cimler, Jan Matyska and Ondrej Krejcar

A Generic Approach to Evaluate the Success of Online Communities
Raoudha Chebil, Wided Lejouad Chaari and Stefano A. Cerri

Data mining techniques for energy efficiency analysis of discrete production lines
Rafał Cupek, Jakub Duda, Dariusz Zonenberg, Łukasz Chłopaś, Grzegorz Dziędziel and Marek Drewniak

New Kazakh parallel text corpora with on-line access
Zhandos Zhumanov, Aigerim Madiyeva and Diana Rakhimova

Considerations in Analyzing Ecological Dependent Populations in a Changing Environment
Kristiyan Balabanov, Robinson Guerra Fietz and Doina Logofatu

A Novel Space Filling Curves Based Approach to PSO Algorithms for Autonomous Agents
Doina Logofatu, Gil Sobol, Daniel Stamate and Kristiyan Balabanov

New Ontological Approach for Opinion Polarity Extraction from Twitter
Ammar Mars, Sihem Hamem and Mohamed Salah Gouider

Study for Automatic Classification of Arabic Spoken Documents
Mohamed Labidi, Mohsen Maraoui and Mounir Zrigui

Adaptation to Market Development Through Price Setting Strategies in Agent-based Artificial Economic Model
Petr Tucnik, Petr Blecha and Jaroslav Kovarnik

"Come Together!": Interactions of Language Networks and Multilingual Communities on Twitter
Nabeel Albishry, Tom Crick and Theo Tryfonas

An agent based model to study the impact of intra-annual seasons variability on Rift Valley Fever outbreak and re-emergence in North Senegal (Ferlo)
Paul Python Ndekou Tandong, Alassane Bah, Papa Ibrahima Ndiaye and Jacques André Ndione

Automatic deduction of learners' profiling rules based on behavioral analysis
Fedia Hlioui, Nadia Aloui and Faiez Gargouri

Dipolar data integration through univariate, binary classifiers
Leon Bobrowski

Real-life validation of methods for detecting locations, transition periods and travel modes using phone-based GPS and activity tracker data
Adnan Manzoor, Julia Mollee, Aart Van Halteren and Michel C. A. Klein

Multicriteria Transportation Problems with Fuzzy Parameters
Barbara Gładysz

Multiplant Production Design in Agent-Based Artificial Economic System
Petr Tucnik, Zuzana Němcová and Tomas Nachazel

Design and Development of Media-Corpus of the Kazakh Language
Madina Mansurova, Gulmira Madiyeva, Sanzhar Aubakirov, Zhantemir Yermekov and Yermek Alimzhanov

Morphological Analysis System of the Tatar Language
Rinat Gilmullin and Ramil Gataullin

Role of Non-Axiomatic Logic in a Distributed Reasoning Environment
Mirjana Ivanović, Jovana Ivković and Costin Badica

Smoke Detection on Video Sequences using Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks
Alexander Filonenko, Laksono Kurnianggoro and Kang-Hyun Jo

A Data Mining Approach to Improve Remittance by Job Placement in Overseas
Ahsan Habib Himel, Tonmoy Sikder, Sheikh Faisal Basher, Ruhul Mashbu, Nusrat Jahan Tamanna, Mahmudul Abedin and Rashedur M Rahman

Intelligent Collective: The Role of Diversity and Collective Cardinality
Van Du Nguyen, Mercedes G. Merayo and Ngoc-Thanh Nguyen

Determining Murder Prone Areas Using Modified Watershed Model
Joytu Khisha, Naushaba Zerin, Deboshree Choudhury and Rashedur M Rahman

Bangla News Summarization
Anirudha Paul, Mir Tahsin Imtiaz, Asiful Haque Latif, Muyeed Ahmed, Foysal Amin Adnan, Raiyan Khan, Ivan Kadery and Rashedur M Rahman

Efficacy and Planning in Ophthalmic Surgery - A Vision of Logical Programming
Nuno Maia, Manuel Mariano, Goreti Marreiros, Henrique Vicente and Jose Neves

Agent having quantum properties: the superposition states and the entanglement
Alain-Jérôme Fougères

RuQAR: Querying OWL 2 RL Ontologies with Rule Engines and Relational Databases
Jarosław Bąk and Michał Blinkiewicz

A Methodological Approach Towards Crisis Simulations: Qualifying CI-enabled Information Systems
Chrysostomi Maria Diakou, Angelika I. Kokkinaki and Styliani Kleanthous

Context-based Rules for Grammatical Disambiguation in the Tatar language
Ramil Gataullin, Bulat Khakimov, Dzhavdet Suleymanov and Rinat Gilmullin

Adaptive Runtime Middleware: Everything as a Service
Achilleas P. Achilleos, Kyriaki Georgiou, Christos Markides, Andreas Konstantinidisand George A. Papadopoulos

The efficiency analysis of the multi-level consensus determination method
Adrianna Kozierkiewicz-Hetmańska and Mateusz Sitarczyk

Collective Intelligence Supporting Trading Decisions on FOREX Market
Jerzy Korczak, Marcin Hernes and Maciej Bac

Assessing and Improving Sensors Data Quality in Streaming Context
Rayane El Sibai, Yousra Chabchoub, Raja Chiky, Jacques Demerjian and Kablan Barbar

Neural Network based Eye Tracking
Pavel Morozkin, Marc Swynghedauw and Maria Trocan

Predicting the Evolution of Scientific Output
Antonia Gogoglou and Yannis Manolopoulos

Comparison of Ensemble Learning Models with Expert Algorithms Designed for a Property Valuation System
Bogdan Trawiński, Tadeusz Lasota, Olgierd Kempa, Zbigniew Telec and Marcin Kutrzyński

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