Overview program

  Wednesday Sept 18   Thursday Sept 19   Friday Sept 20
09:00-10:30 DCI Workshop SDM Workshop 09:00-10:10 Th1A: Plenary 2Dr. Andrew Rickman 08:30-10:20 Fr1A: Future Technologies Fr1B: Photonics in Computing I Fr1C: Microwave Photonics
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break 10:10-10:40 Coffee Break 10:20-11:20 Coffee Break + Posters
11:00-12:30 DCI Workshop SDM Workshop 10:40-11:35 Th2A: Plenary 3Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy 11:20-12:50 Fr2A: Frequency Combs and OFDM Fr2B: Photonics in Computing II Fr2C: Metro / Access
11:35-12:30 Th2B: Plenary 4Prof. Yoshihisa Yamamoto
12:30-13:45 Lunch 12:30-13:45 Lunch 12:50-14:00 Lunch
13:45-15:30 Fast Switching Workshop SDM Workshop 13:45-15:35 Th3A: Optical Space Switches Th3B: Optical and Optoelectronic Devices I Th3C: Optical Communications 14:00-15:50 Fr3A: Optical networking Fr3B: Data Centers I Fr3C: SDM Switching
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break 15:35-16:05 Coffee Break 15:50-16:20 Coffee Break
16:00-17:45 Fast
Switching Workshop
SDM Workshop 16:05-17:55 Th4A: Photonic Integration Th4B: Optical and Optoelectronic Devices II Th4C:Future Datacenters 16:20-18:10 Fr4A: Optical Signal Processing Fr4B: Data Centers II Fr4C: Fast Optical Switching
19:00-19:20 Evening opening remarks 18:30-22:00 Evening tour and conference gala dinner        
19:20-20:15 Plenary 1Dr. Mike Haney        
20:15-22:00 Welcome cocktail        

Program by Day

Monday, September 17th
5GPPP and Photonics21 EU-funded project meetings
Participation is limited to the members of each EU consortium that organizes its own technical meeting
EU project BlueSpace
Other projects will be added soon
Tuesday, September 18th
Cross-Pollination EU project meetings for two "clusters" of projects:
A) Photonics21 projects focussing on datacoms for DCI & HPC

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B) 5G-PPP projects focusing on 5G network solutions

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Cluster A (meeting coordinated by a committee chaired by Dr. Ronny Henker:
Cluster B (meeting coordinated by a committee chaired by Dr. Simon Rommel:
BlueSpace, PHOS, Metro-Haul TBC, etc.
Wednesday, September 19th
09:00 - 10:30 DCI Workshop:
"Optical Data Center Interconnects – Applications, technologies and components”

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SDM Workshop:
"Space Division Multiplexed Optical Transmission”

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10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:30 DCI Workshop
SDM Workshop
12:30 - 13:45 Lunch
13:45 - 15:30 Fast Switching Workshop:
"Fast Switching Technologies and architectural considerations for Data Center Networks"

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SDM Workshop
15:30 - 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00 - 17:45 Fast Switching Workshop
SDM Workshop
19:00 - 19:20 Evening opening remarks
19:20 - 20:15 Plenary 1: Dr. Mike Haney
20:15 - 22:00 Welcome Cocktail
Thursday, September 20th
09:00 - 10:10 Th1A: Plenary 2: Dr. Andrew Rickman
10:10 - 10:40 Coffee Break
10:40 - 11:35 Th2A: Plenary 3: Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy
11:35 - 12:30 Th2B: Plenary 4: Prof. Yoshihisa Yamamoto
12:30 - 13:45 Lunch
13:45 - 15:35 Th3A: Optical Space Switches Th3B: Optical and Optoelectronic Devices I Th3C: Optical Communications
15:35 - 16:05 Coffee Break
16:05-17:55 Th4A: Photonic Integration Th4B: Optical and Optoelectronic Devices II Th4C: Future Datacenters
18:30 - 22:00 Evening tour and conference gala dinner
Friday, September 21st
08:30 - 10:20 Fr1A: Future Technologies Fr1B: Photonics in Computing I Fr1C: Microwave Photonics
10:20 - 11:20 Coffee Break + posters
11:20 - 12:50 Fr2A: Frequency Combs and OFDM Fr2B: Photonics in Computing II Fr2C: Metro / Access
12:50 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 15:50 Fr3A: Optical networking Fr3B: Data Centers I Fr3C: SDM Switching
15:50 - 16:20 Lunch
16:20 - 18:10 Fr4A: Optical Signal Processing Fr4B: Future Data Centers II Fr4C: Fast Optical Switching
Saturday, September 22nd
Optional Full Day Paphos Excursion


Th3A: Optical Space Switches

  • Th3A.1: Laurent Schares: Photonic Switch Fabrics in Computer Communications Systems
  • Th3A.2: Effect of Crosstalk on the Operation Bandwidth of Silicon Photonics 8 × 8 Optical Switch
  • Th3A.3: Simultaneous High-speed and Polarization-Independent Switching Operation of 2x2 Silicon Mach-Zehnder-Type Optical Switch
  • Th3A.4: Richard Penty: Large-scale InP Switches

Th3B: Optical and Optoelectronic Devices I

  • Th3B.1: Mitsuru Takenaka: Si Hybrid MOS Optical Phase Shifter for Switching and Computing
  • Th3B.2: Wideband continuously tunable integrated delay line based on cascaded Mach-Zehnder
  • Th3B.3: A Novel Optoelectronic Parallel-to-Serial Converter for 100-Gbps Optical Packets
  • Th3B.4: Polarization Diversity Circuit Using Photonic Crystal Waveplates for 1.2-µm Quantum Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
  • Th3B.5: Low-Crosstalk Multistage Silicon Wavelength Multi/Demultiplexer

Th3C: Optical Communications

  • Th3C.1: Alberto Gatto: VCSEL-based communications for metro and access networks
  • Th3C.2: Dispersion-induced IQ Imbalance Compensation Using an Electrical-domain Pre-FDE in QPSK Self-homodyne Transmission with AQPM Pilot-carrier
  • Th3C.3: Inter-symbol interference suppression for a hybrid use of OFDM and N-OTDM based on Fr-OFDM
  • Th3C.4: Hyper Multi-level Modulation Based on Optical Eigenvalue Multiplexing
  • Th3C.5: Record Spectral Efficient Transmission of 11.24 Bit/s/Hz/mode over 30 km Few-Mode Fiber

Th4A: Photonic Integration

  • Th4A.1: Nakamura: Advanced optical interconnection technologies based on silicon photonics for future computing systems
  • Th4A.2: Photonic Integrated Circuits for Data Center Interconnects
  • Th4A.3: Melloni: Control Layer Techniques for Photonic Integrated

Th4B: Optical and Optoelectronic Devices II

  • Th4B.1: Vito Sorianello: Graphene optical modulators
  • Th4B.2: Comparison of Segmented and Traveling-Wave Electro-Optical Transmitters Based on Silicon Photonics Mach-Zehnder Modulators
  • Th4B.3: Experimental Demonstration of Surface-Normal MIM Modulator with Electro-Optic Polymer
  • Th4B.4: Energy-Efficient 100-Gbps PAM Transmissions Using a 1.3-μm Membrane DML-on-Silicon
  • Th4B.5: Leaky cavity 850 nm Single-Mode VCSELs for high-speed data transmission over multi-mode fiber

Th4C: Future Datacenters

  • Th4C.1: Andrea Reale, "Experiences and challenges in building next-gen optically disaggregated datacenters"
  • Th4C.2: Viability of Fiber-to-the-Server: Are We There Yet?
  • Th4C.3: P-Torus: Torus-based Optical Packet Switching Architecture for intra-Data Centre Networks
  • Th4C.4: TDM Operation of an Optically Synchronized Low-Cost Coherent Receiver Fed with Mice
  • Th4C.5: SDN-controlled and Orchestrated OPSquare DC Architecture enabling Network Slice Deployment with QoS guarantees

Fr1A: Future Technologies

  • Fr1A.1: Yichen Shen: Statistical signal processing with coherent nanophotonic circuits
  • Fr1A.2: Free-Space Few-Mode Kramers-Kronig Reciever
  • Fr1A.3: Spatial Mode Multiplexer for 35 Single Mode Fibers to the 7-Core, 5-Mode Fiber
  • Fr1A.4: Link Engineering Strategies for SDM Amplification in Conventional Optical Transport Networks
  • Fr1A.5: Economic Impact of Multicore Erbium-Ytterbium doped Fiber Amplifier in Long-Haul Optical Transport Networks

Fr1B: Photonics in Computing I

  • Fr1B.1: Michelogiannakis: The role of photonics in future HPC
  • Fr1B.2: Experimental Demonstration of Job-centric Fault Localization and Recovery in Optically Interconnected Computing System
  • Fr1B.3: Stojanovic: Building Next Generation Computers

Fr1C: Microwave photonics

  • Fr1C.1: Daniel Perez: Reconfigurable RF-Photonics signal processing core
  • Fr1C.2: Development of a Broadband Integrated Microwave Photonic Beamformer for 5G applications
  • Fr1C.3: Radio over multimode fiber system for short-reach radio relay links
  • Fr1C.4: Static Skew Compensation in Multi Core Radio over Fiber systems for 5G Mmwave Beamforming
  • Fr1C.5: Experimental Assessment of 5-10Gbps 5G Multicarrier Waveforms with Intensity-Modulation Direct-Detection for PONs

Fr2A: Frequency Combs and OFDM

  • Fr2A.1: Morandotti: Generation and coherent manipulation of complex quantum states based on integrated frequency combs
  • Fr2A.2: WDM Optical Interconnect Enabled By Optical Frequency Comb Based on Dual-Drive Modulator
  • Fr2A.3: Sub-channel add/drop multiplexing in offset-QAM OFDM signals
  • Fr2A.4: Spread Spectrum over OFDM for Enhanced Security in Elastic Optical Networks

Fr2B: Photonics in Computing II

  • Fr2B.1: Nihel Benzaoui: Optical Slot Switching for edge cloud computing
  • Fr2B.2: WDM Weighted Sum in an 8x8 SOA-Based InP Cross-Connect for Photonic Deep Neural Networks
  • Fr2B.3: Performance Assessment of a Novel HPC Network Architecture Based on Fast Optical Switches with HPC Application Traffics
  • Fr2B.4: Photonic Neuromporphic Computing with Electrooptic Nonlinear Activation

Fr2C: Metro/Access

  • Fr2C.1: Albert Rafael: Next generation cost-effective metro networks
  • Fr2C.2: Dynamic Service Reallocation in NFV-based Transport WDM Optical Networks
  • Fr2C.3: When optical networks meet wireless systems: experiments at the boundary
  • Fr2C.4: Data-Driven Bandwidth Allocation in EONs

Fr3A: Optical networking

  • Fr3A.1: Marija Furdek: Detection of intrusions and harmful signals to improve security in optical networks
  • Fr3A.2: Efficient Path Calculation Scheme for Advance Reservation of Hierarchical Optical Path Network Using Continuous Variables to Represent Switch States
  • Fr3A.3: Experimental Demonstration of Disaggregating Optical Interconnection Network to Enable Application Performance Optimization
  • Fr3A.4: Migration Planning from Elastic Optical Networks to Spectrally-Spatially Flexible Optical Networks
  • Fr3A.5: Architecture and Design of Quasi-Nyquist WDM Networks with Flexible Grid Granular Switching

Fr3B: Data Centers I

  • Fr3B.1: Simon Rommel: Data Center Connectivity by 6G Wireless Systems
  • Fr3B.2: Parallel Star-coupler OCS Architectures using Distributed Hardware Schedulers
  • Fr3B.3: Scalable Interconnection Scheme for Data Center Multicast Applications
  • Fr3B.4: Switch Radix Reduction and Support for Concurrent Bidirectional Traffic in RotorNets
  • Fr3B.5: Dynamic Control of Optical Virtual Network Configuration and Computer Resource Assignment for Tightly Coupling Big Data and Peripheral Computing Resources

Fr3C: SDM Switching

  • Fr3C.1: Mendinueta: Optical Switching System for Next Generation Data Center Networks with Time-division Spatial Super-channels and Core-joint Optical Switches
  • Fr3C.2: Channel passband broadening via strong mixing in cascaded SDM wavelength-selective switches
  • Fr3C.3: Feasibility Demonstration of Integrated Fractional Joint Switching WSS Applicable for Few-Mode Multicore Fiber
  • Fr3C.4: Routing Capacity of Contention/-less SDM-ROADM Design
  • Fr3C.5: Spatial Channel Network (SCN) Architecture Employing Growable and Reliable Spatial Channel Cross-Connects Toward Massive SDM Era

Fr4A: Optical Signal Processing

  • Fr4A.1: Michael Vasilyev: Simultaneous nonlinear-optical processing of multiple WDM channels
  • Fr4A.2: WDM PON Receivers Enhanced by Integrated SOAs
  • Fr4A.3: Optical Thresholding Device with a Sigmoidal Transfer Function
  • Fr4A.4: Laser Induced Speckle as a Foundation for Physical Security and Optical Computing
  • Fr4A.5: Integrated Nanophotonics Residue Number System Arithmetic Accelerator

Fr4B: Data Centers II

  • Fr4B.1: Alexander I. Nikolaidis: Intra and inter-datacenter networks
  • Fr4B.2: A New Framework for Nation-Wide Networking in Future Datacenter-Traffic Centric Era
  • Fr4B.3: Spadaro: Towards Future Data Center Networks

Fr4C: Fast Optical Switching

  • Fr4C.1: Dominic Goodwill: Applications for nanosecond silicon photonic switches
  • Fr4C.2: Performance assessment of a nanoseconds and modular Photonic Integrated Wavelength Selective Switch for Optical Data Centre Networks
  • Fr4C.3: Parallel Distributed Schedulers for Scalable Photonic Integrated Packet Switching
  • Fr4C.4: Su Hu: Fast-speed Optical Cross-Connect and All Optical Data Center Networking


  • Impact of Fiber Type on Regenerator Placement in Reconfigurable DWDM Transparent Optical Networks
  • Optical Multiplexr for Planar Lightwave Circuits
  • Packet Offloading Exploiting Life-Sustained Optical Path Resources in OPS/OCS Integrated Network
  • Multi-level QAM-based labels Generated by the Convolution of Optical and Electrical Codes
  • Impact of metallization on performance of THz detectors based on plasma wave excitation in the channel of field-effect transistor
  • Control Algorithms for Simultaneous Connections Routing in Flexible Optical Switching Networks
  • Role of Provider Strategies and Granularity in a Circuit-Packet Optical Choice-based Network
  • Path Establishment Method considering Crosstalk in SDM Elastic Optical Networks
  • Time, Speed, Memory and Energy in Hybrid Data Center Networks – Insights and Some Guidelines
  • A Strict and Less Computational Crosstalk-Aware Spectrum and Core Allocation Method with Crosstalk-Prohibited Frequency Slots in SDM-EONs

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