1. Optical Switching Technology & Devices

    • Optoelectronic and all-optical switching and flip-flops
    • Optical switches for space/mode division multiplexing
    • Wavelength switching and routing technologies
    • Wavelength selective switches
    • Nanophotonic metamaterials and devices for switching and routing
    • On-chip integration of photonic switching and control and logic electronics
    • Fast MEMS switches
    • Silicon photonic switching technologies using monolithic and heterogeneous integration
    • Photonic memory and optical buffers
    • Tunable laser technologies
    • Tunable receiver technologies
    • Tunable filter technologies
    • All-optical, electronic, and hybrid-optoelectronic technologies
    • Optical reconfiguration techniques and technologies for computing systems
    • Photonic enabling technologies and devices for quantum communications
    • Photonic enabling technologies and devices for intra-vehicle optical networks
    • Devices and packaging for hostile environments

  2. Optical Switching Functions & Building Blocks

    • Optoelectronic, all-optical, or hybrid wavelength conversion technologies
    • Optoelectronic and all-optical signal processing, including header recognition, label swapping, code translation and processing
    • Optical grooming and aggregation techniques
    • Photonic memory and optical buffering functionality
    • Optoelectronic- and all-optical signal regeneration, impairment compensation, and performance monitoring
    • Optical receiver pre-processing and signal conditioning
    • Optical pre-compensation and pre-distortion
    • Advanced modulation techniques and coding/decoding subsystems
    • RF over optical processing and transmission
    • Microwave photonics
    • Comparison of all-optical, electronic, and hybrid-optoelectronic functionality
    • Burst switching compatible transceiver technology

  3. Optical Networks & Communication Systems

    • Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers/demultiplexers
    • ¬†Photonic circuit, packet, label and burst switching systems and sub-systems
    • Optical cross-connects architectures
    • Optical time domain multiplexed systems
    • Optical multiple access systems (WDMA, TDMA, and CDMA)
    • Parallel data links and space division multiplexing
    • Rapidly reconfigurable networks
    • Software defined networking and control plane integration
    • Optical network control and management
    • Physical layer design and control
    • Packet-optical architectures and multi-layer optimization
    • Energy efficient architectures and algorithms
    • Application-aware and service-oriented architectures
    • Converged mobile and optical networks
    • Optical network testbeds and field trials
    • Optical access and aggregation networks
    • Software defined networking for photonic systems
    • Quantum communication
    • Machine learning in optical communication networks

  4. Photonics in Computing Systems

    • Optics in Data Centers (DC) and High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems
      • Photonic Switching for DC and HPC
      • Networks, topologies, architectures, control and DC integration
    • Physical Layer Trends in DC and HPC
      • Beyond electronic switch roadmaps
      • Optics integration, optical interconnects
      • On chip optics/networks
      • Optics to memory, Optical RAM
      • Inter- and hyper-scale intra-DC networks (e.g. coherent technologies)
    • Network Requirements for Emerging Workloads
      • Machine Learning and Distributed Deep Learning
      • Streaming and big data
      • Specialized networks in systems/appliances for specific workloads
    • Photonics in Emerging Computing Paradigms
      • Neuromorphic computing devices and architectures
      • Quantum Communications
      • Optical Machine Learning, Optical Neural Nets

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