Health & Safety

To enjoy certain services across the destination, where a large number of people congregate, the Cyprus Flight Pass will need to be presented on the spot, in the event of a check by an authorized officer (for example in churches, conference venues, wedding venues, events venues, shopping malls, museums, casinos, theme parks, children play areas, archaeological sites, mini cruises, etc.).

Along with the Cyprus Flight Pass, additional documents may be required as proof that travelers are not permanent residents of Cyprus e.g. a copy of the airline ticket and/or accommodation reservation. Therefore, travelers should at all times carry with them a copy of the aforementioned documents, together with proof of identification (identity card or passport).

For movements within the destination, the Cyprus Flight Pass is valid for up to (and including) 7 days, from the date of arrival to Cyprus (date of arrival is considered as Day 1). From the 8th day after arrival, a local Safe Pass* is necessary (proof of vaccination, proof of recovery from COVID-19, 72-hour PCR laboratory test or 48-hour rapid antigen test). A valid EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate (or equivalent) is also sufficient for this purpose, provided that it is vaccination-based or recovery-based.

Possession of a Safe Pass guarantees access to: nightclubs, discos, music dance venues, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, pubs and other catering facilities (including catering facilities in shopping malls), theatres, amphitheaters, cinemas, entertainment halls, closed and outdoor stadiums.
Places where the Cyprus Flight Pass or Safe Pass do not need to be presented include beaches, picnic sites, promenades, outdoor exercise areas and hotel facilities (the latter only if someone is a hotel resident), supermarkets, mini markets, bakeries, kiosks.

*Note that for Safe Pass purposes, the vaccination certificate is considered expired, when a period of 7 months has elapsed from the second dose of a two-dose vaccine or the first dose of a single dose vaccine. Also, for Safe Pass purposes, the recovery certificate is considered expired when a period of 3 months has elapsed from testing positive. After that period, a 72-hour PCR laboratory test or a 48-hour rapid antigen test is required for movements within the destination.

Additional Measures:

  • The use of a protective face mask is compulsory in all indoor areas and outdoor spaces
  • Maximum set capacity in the session rooms and other indoor areas of the conference according to the relevant decree.
  • Application of antiseptic solution before entering the rooms and staying at a safe social distance from others are strongly encouraged
  • Other measures as necessary