The symposia and oral presentation sessions are pre-recorded and now available on the conference platform after registration and login. All times in the platform are automatically converted to your local times! During the live online conference May 18-21, presenters in symposia and oral presentation sessions will give a 2-minute summary of their pre-recorded talk. After the short presentations, the Chair will open the floor for discussion and questions from the audience. This format will maximize the opportunity for live discussion during the limited time available online. Short videos for posters are also available now, in addition to the live presentation with poster presenters during the poster sessions in linked gathertown.

Presidential address and award ceremonies and related talks will only be LIVE.
** Please make sure to register now to be able to watch the pre-recorded talks BEFORE the actual conference. ** Register here!

So here is your little to-do list to get ready for this year’s meeting:

  • Check out the program details and timezone calculator
  • Register for the conference (and pre-conference events)
  • Watch the pre-recorded symposia and oral presentation talks before May 18
  • Join us live for the pre-conference day May 18 and the main conference May 19-21

Guidelines for Online Conference Platform

Guidelines for Gather Town (accessed through the conference platform)



 The program outline below shows you the structure of the live online program between Wednesday 18th and Saturday 21st of May. Mark your calendars for your respective times  – you can use this handy timezone converter.

All times are in UTC.

Press F5 if the program does not load.