Presentations / Workshops

1. Instructions for oral presenters

The information on presentation time and place will be in the final programme added to the conference website, as well as the final programme included in the conference materials.

The organizers would like to remind you of a few key points:

  • Do not exceed the time limit: 25 minutes for your presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.
  • Bring your presentation in a USB memory stick and please be present in the lecture room 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. You are advised to keep a copy of it stored in another location easily accessible (email, Dropbox, CD). An abstract presenter(s)/author should attend the whole session in which she/he is scheduled.
  • Equipment supplied includes a Windows 7 computer with MS Power-Point 2007 for computerized slide presentation.
  • Video and audio players provided are Windows media player and VLC player.
  • Internet access available via Wi-Fi and LAN.
  • It is preferable to use embedded pictures, not to use images linked to other files.
  • In case a video communication is planned please specify this in advance and provide your needs for software and hardware.

2. Instructions for Workshops that require advanced registration

The descriptions of accepted workshops, time and place will be added on the conference website in the beginning of May. All registered participants will be informed about this and requested to register for workshops separately, onsite, when coming at the conference.

3. Internet Access

If you want to connect to University of Cyprus Wi-Fi network please visit the following page:

and read the guidelines on how to connect to the University of Cyprus' wireless network. Do the necessary procedures by following the guidelines prior your arrival to the University. An assigned username will be given to you onsite.

Alternatively you can visit the computer lab, B005.