Plenary Speaker

Mercouri Kanatzidis

Northwestern University, USA

Submission Title

Understanding and Designing High Performance Thermoelectrics


The broad based push to develop highly efficient thermoelectric materials as a possible route to address the worldwide power generation from heat is ongoing. Today there is a variety of effective strategies to improve the properties of these narrow gap semiconductors such as achieving extremely low thermal conductivity and raising the power factors. The so-called nanostructuring and mesoscale approach has led to a new era of investigation for bulk thermoelectrics. Currently lead chalcogenides incorporating second phases hold the record in figure of merit ZT for power generation applications. Nanostructures enable effective phonon scattering of a significant portion of the phonon spectrum while mesostructures tend to scatter phonons with long mean free paths remain. By combining all relevant length-scales in a hierarchical fashion, from atomic-scale disorder and nanoscale endotaxial precipitates to mesoscale phonon scattering a large enhancement in the thermoelectric performance of bulk materials can be achieved. Progress on device and module assembly is excellent and modules with conversion efficiency of ?12% for a delta T of 590 K have been demonstrated using nanostructured PbTe-based materials. Interestingly, nanostructuring is not necessary to obtain record high thermoelectric performance. Several systems based on PbTe and PbSe will be described that lack nanostructuring but feature mesoscale structuring and point defects, which can also achieve very low thermal conductivity. Comparisons with nanostructured materials will be made. Finally, SnSe is a new striking example of a single-phase material which has disrupted our thinking of how high ZT performance can arise will be discussed.

Invited Speakers

Xavier Crispin
Linköping Universitet, Sweden

Title: Electronic and Ionic Thermoelectric effects with conducting polymers

Anne Dauscher
Institute Jean Lamour, Nancy, France

Title: Thermoelectric generators with high power density: challenges and study case with skutterudites-based modules

Jean-Pierre Fleurial
Jet Propusion Laboratory, USA

Title: Advanced High Temperature Thermoelectric Converter Technologies: Resolving Development Challenges and Planning for a successful Infusion into System Applications

Yaniv Gelbstein
Ben Gurion University, Israel

Title: Development of advanced half-Heusler based elements for thermoelectric applications

Emmanuel Guilmeau

Title: Tailoring thermal and electronic properties of bulk Cu26T2(Ge, Sn)6S32 colusite through defects engineering and functionalization of the conductive network

Yuzuru Miyazaki
Tohoku University, Japan

Title: Understanding Detailed Crystal Structures to Further Improve Thermoelectric Properties of Silicide-based Materials

Neophytos Neophytou
University of Warwick, UK

Title: Advanced thermoelectric transport simulations in complex bandstructure and nanostructured materials

Ole Martin Løvvik
University of Oslo, Norway

Title: Screening thermoelectric materials with ab initio atomistic modelling and machine learning techniques