New Housing Researchers Colloquium

The New Housing Researchers Colloquium (NHRC) is, primarily, intended for researchers engaged in Ph.D. studies on any housing related topic. It is, however, also open to other researchers that may choose to present their paper in a setting that offers a mentorial critique of their work. The papers presented at NHRC are reviewed by highly experienced senior researchers who provide a critical feedback and suggest improvements for achieving a better scientific quality. In addition to its scientific merits, the NHRC also offers participants the opportunity to meet and make new friends and establish new academic contacts worldwide.

ENHR2021 in Nicosia hosts a NHRC Colloquium on the first day of the conference (30th of August-see program). The Colloquium welcomes submissions in relation to the proposed conference topic which aims a) to explore unsettling practices (whether they involve displacement through war conflicts, market-led gentrification or local communities’ initiatives) which simultaneously challenge the production of housing environments and dwellings which many times takes place against a backdrop painted by uncertainty and change, and b) to understand uncertainties and instabilities which shape contemporary urban living, to unveil critical concerns on the impact of such unsettling practices on the production of housing environments and to foster an inquiry into potential responses in the form of policies, governance, social innovation, community initiatives and planners’ investments

The address of the current Contact Person is: Richard Sendi (