Call for Session – Workshop Proposals

Submissions for Session / Workshop proposals are now closed.

Note: Submissions for abstracts to Open Sessions are open until Jan 30, 2020.

Author Guidelines

We invite session and workshop proposals dealing with all the methodological interests of our members (qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods).

  1. Open session

Please prepare a 300 word abstract (other people will be able to submit a paper for your session).

  1. Closed session with planned speakers

A closed session proposal contains a description of the session (300 words) including abstracts of planned speakers (300 words). A session is 90 minutes and we suggest about 4-5 speakers per session.

  1. Workshop proposals

Workshop proposals should contain a detailed description of the workshop (300-500 words), including what will be learnt from the workshop, for whom the workshop is relevant, and any prior knowledge needed to attend the workshop. Participants of the conference can attend the workshops at no cost. Note that workshop presenters will not be paid or otherwise reimbursed for their presentation of the workshop. RC33 views workshops as an alternative form of discussing a research problem. The workshops are 90 minute sessions for the discussion of a specific topic with one or two stimulating presentations followed by discussions or on-site analysis of data. The aim is to have a more thorough discussion about a topic than in normal sessions, as well as educating the RC33 audience about a topic.