We are now inviting papers for oral and poster/demo presentations. We are accepting submissions examining all the core topics of the Sound and Music Computing field, and in particular matching this year's topic of Sonic Crossings. All submissions will be peer-reviewed. We are also welcoming music submissions.

Core Topics

  • Acoustics and psychoacoustics
  • AI and music performance
  • Analysis/synthesis of the singing voice
  • Applications in audio and music
  • Architectural acoustics modeling and auralization
  • Assistive technologies
  • Audio and music for AR/VR
  • Audio and music for games
  • Audio Interactions
  • Audio recognition and birdsinging
  • Audio/Music Information Retrieval
  • Auditory display
  • Automatic music generation /accompaniment systems
  • Bioacoustic modeling
  • Biomusic and sound installations
  • Computational archeomusicology
  • Computational Byzantine musicology
  • Computational ethnomusicology
  • Computational musicology and mathematical music theory
  • Computational ornithomusicology
  • Computer music software and programming languages
  • Data sonification
  • Digital signal processing
  • Digital systems of tuning
  • Ethics of sound and new technologies
  • Gesture, motion and music
  • History and aesthetics of electroacoustic music
  • Immersive soundscape environments / Immersive Audio
  • Interaction and improvisation
  • Interactive environments for voice training
  • Interactive performance systems
  • Jazz performance and machine learning
  • Music and robotics
  • Music technology in education
  • Music therapy and technology for special needs
  • New interfaces for musical expression
  • Perception and cognition of sound and music
  • Recording and mastering automation techniques
  • Sound/music and the neurosciences
  • Spatial sound and spatialisation techniques
  • Physical models for sound synthesis

All accepted papers, independently of the presentation format, will be included in the conference Proceedings. The Proceedings will have a ISBN and will be distributed both as a printed and an electronic publication. The electronic version will be available on the SMC website (smcnetwork.org) Please note that at least one of the paper authors has to register to the conference in order for the paper to be accepted, presented, and included in the Proceedings

Papers should be between 4 and 8 pages long. All submissions will be fully peer-reviewed. Papers can be submitted as oral or poster/demo, but the final decision on the category will be made by the Programme Committee.
For a paper to be considered for review and possible publication at the SMC2018 conference at least 1 co-author must serve as a reviewer in the evaluation process of other conference submissions.