Accepted Papers

1 Cyprus Database of Alien Species (CyDAS) as a portal for raising awareness and information for Citizen Scientists Paraskevi Karachle Paraskevi Karachle, Louis Hadjioannou, Niki Chartosia, Angeliki Martinou
2 Accounting for functional connectivity in cross-realm conservation planning in a data poor context: the Cyprus case Stalo Leontiou Stalo Leontiou, Ioannis Vogiatzakis, Stelios Katsanevakis
3 Development of a Fish Cage System for Offshore Installation in the Aegean Sea Dimitrios Konispoliatis Dimitrios Konispoliatis, Ioannis Chatjigeorgiou
4 Sea of Experience Establishment of Eastern Mediterranean Regional Network: pooling, sharing, development of innovative face-to-face and digital training/mentoring tools for the maritime sector Nikolaos Ventikos Georgios Nikolaidis, Georgios Georgiou, Alexandros Rammos, Nikolaos Ventikos, Zacharias Siokouros, Andri Theodorou
5 Seasonal and geographic variations of marine litter: a comprehensive study from the island of Cyprus Demetra Orthodoxou Demetra Orthodoxou, Xenia Loizidou, Christina Baldwin, Cemile Kocareis, Anastasis Karonias, Maria Ayça Ateş
6 A review of fish studies using underwater video techniques in the Mediterranean Sea Melina Nalmpanti Melina Nalmpanti, Athanassios Tsikliras
7 The first MPA established in Montenegro (southeast Adriatic Sea): challenges and threats Slavica Petović Slavica Petović, Nikola Djordjević, Aleksandra Huter
9 Integrating Cultural Heritage to Marine Protected Areas in the MENA Region Julia Nikolaus Julia Nikolaus, Nick Ray, Sophie Tews, Georgia Andreou
10 Ecocentric fisheries management in the Mediterranean Sea (EcoScope project) Athanassios Tsikliras Athanassios Tsikliras, Anna Chrysafi, Evangelia Daskalaki, Ioannis Keramidas, Evangelos Koufalis, Danai Mantopoulou-Palouka, Konstantinos Michailidis, Melina Nalmpanti, Sophie Manousi, Donna Dimarchopoulou
12 LifeWatch ERIC: mission, recent developments and what is offered to to the community for the study of climate change impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems research Christos Arvanitidis Christos Arvanitidis, Juan Miguel González-Aranda, Alberto Basset, Peter Van Tienderen, Lucas de Moncuit
13 Sea Level Rise due to Climate Change: The case of the Greek Coast Serafeim Poulos Serafeim Poulos
14 Marine seafloor debris in Cyprus: Composition, distribution and trends Nikolaos Kamidis Nikolaos Kamidis, Dona Englezaki, Stelios Triantafillidis, Ioannis Thasitis, Antonios Petrou
15 Water quality assessment of the marine environment at the outlets of two wastewater treatment plants in Kavala Gulf, Greece Nikolaos Kamidis Eleni Flora, Panagiota Litsa, Stelios Triantafillidis, Dimitrios Karampetsis, Nikolaos Stamatis, Nikolaos Kamidis
16 Biology, reproduction, bathymetrical and longitudinal patterns of sharks and rays in Cypriot waters. Nikolaos Kamidis Dimitrios Karampetsis, Chrysoula Gubili, Kostas Efthimiadis, Pavlos Vidoris, Ioannis Thasitis, Antonios Petrou, Nikolaos Kamidis
17 An invasive seagrass drives its own success in two invaded seas by both negatively affecting native seagrasses and benefiting from those costs Kelcie Chiquillo Kelcie Chiquillo, Paul Barber, Marlen Vasquez, Edwin Cruz-Rivera, Demian Willette, Gidon Winters, Peggy Fong
18 Responses of Invasive and Native Populations of the Seagrass Halophila stipulacea to Simulated Climate Change Gidon Winters Hung Manh Nguyen, Narendra Singh Yadav, Simon Barak, Fernando P. Lima, Yuval Sapir, Gidon Winters
19 Projecting the impact of climate and management actions on the future fisheries of the Eastern Mediterranean Gideon Gal Gideon Gal, Eyal Ofir
20 Reproductive biology and growth of the alien Red Sea goatfish Parupeneus forsskali (Fourmanoir & Guézé, 1976) off the coast of Cyprus Niki Chartosia Sigurdur Saemundsson, Athanasios Tsikliras, Niki Chartosia
21 Assisted recruitment of the Critically Endangered fan mussel Pinna nobilis in Cyprus (eastern Mediterranean) Valentina Fossati Valentina Fossati, Carlos Jiménez, Marios Papageorgiou
22 Sea cave mapping around the coastline of Cyprus Leda L. Cai Leda L. Cai, Vasilis Trygonis, Maria Sini, Ioannis Savva, Periklis Kleitou, Vasilis Gerovasileiou, Markos Digenis, Demetris Kletou, Stella Alexandrou, Yiannis Ioannou, Haris Nicolaou, Melina Marcou, DROSOS KOUTSOUBAS
23 Examining water quality parameters’ interactions related to Cyprus coastal eutrophication based on the Kohonen Self-Organizing Map. Ekaterini Hadjisolomou Ekaterini Hadjisolomou, Konstantinos Antoniadis, Ioannis Thasitis, Maria Rousou, Lavrentios Vasiliades, Rana Abu-Alhaija, Ioannis Kyriakides, Herodotos Herodotou, Michalis Michaelides
24 The MARI-Sense Project: Employing Artificial Neural Networks for Sustainable Coastal Environmental Management Ekaterini Hadjisolomou Ekaterini Hadjisolomou, Konstantinos Antoniadis, Ioannis Thasitis, Maria Rousou, Lavrentios Vasiliades, Rana Abu-Alhaija, Herodotos Herodotou, Michalis Michaelides, Ioannis Kyriakides
25 OS -AQUA :Open Sea Aquaculture in Eastern Mediterranean –  “Enabling the development of  an Open Sea Aquaculture in Eastern Mediterranean” Georgios Nikolaidis Georgios Nikolaidis, Monica Demetriou, Rana Abu Alhaija, Daniel Hayes, ioannis kyriakides, George Triantaphyllidis, vassilis papadopoulos, Stephanos charalampous, Michalis Menikou
26 Understanding the interactions between cetaceans and other megafauna with the albacore tuna fishery: A case study from the Cyprus’ pelagic longline fishery Marios Papageorgiou Marios Papageorgiou, Louis Hadjioannou, Carlos Jimenez, Andreas Georgiou, Antonis Petrou
27 Increased knowledge affects public attitude and perception towards elasmobranchs and support for conservation Marios Papageorgiou Marios Papageorgiou, Elizabeth G. T. Bengil, Robin Snape, Louis Hadjioannou
28 Fistularia petimba (Lacepède, 1803) successful establishment in Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean): Historical and new data with biological notes Marios Papageorgiou Marios Papageorgiou, Vasilis Resaikos, Antonis Petrou
29 The seasonal diet composition of the non-indigenous Parupeneus forsskali (Fourmanoir & Guézé, 1976) (Actinopterygii, Mullidae) Christina Michail Christina Michail, Anneta Pyle, Niki Chartosia
30 Ghost gear removal Monica Demetriou Stavros Stylianou, Georgios Fyttis, Gregory Konnaris, Yiannos Mylonas, Monica Demetriou, Georgios Nikolaidis, Yianna Samuel
31 Play-based Learning: The creation of an educational program on sea turtles to promote awareness and conservation Yianna Samuel Yianna Samuel, Elena Ambiza, Monica Demetriou, Gregory Konnaris, Stavros Stylianou, Georgios Nikolaidis
32 What do Cypriots know and think about elasmobranchs? Is there space for conservation? Licia Finotto Licia Finotto, Valettini Bruna, Ioannis Giovos, Periklis Kleitou, Carlotta Mazzoldi, Massimiliano Bottaro
33 Quantifying the unquantable elasmobranch bycatch and discards in the North Aegean Sea Ioannis Giovos Roxani Naasan Aga Spyridopoulou, Ioannis Giovos, Vasileios Minasidis, Dimitrios K Moutopoulos
34 Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture trials in Cyprus Demetris Kletou Demetris Kletou
35 Experiences with the invasive lionfish highlight the threats and challenges of invasive species management in the Marine Protected Areas of the Mediterranean Sea Periklis Kleitou Periklis Kleitou, Sian Rees, Ioannis Savva, Leda L. Cai, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, Louis Hadjioannou, Niki Chartosia, Ioannis Giovos, Carlos Jimenez, Demetris Kletou
36 Diet composition of the invasive lionfish Pterois miles (J. W. Bennett, 1828) (Scorpaeniformes: Scorpaenidae) in the sea of Cyprus. Niki Chartosia Niki Chartosia, Christina Michail, Anneta Pyle, Periklis Kleitou, Demetris Kletou
37 Resilience of Posidonia oceanica populations to thermal stress in a Mediterranean-scale translocation experiment Demetris Kletou Demetris Kletou, Scott Bennett, Teresa Alcoverro, Jordi Boada, Xavier Buñuel Moreno, Lidia Cucala, Gabriel Jorda, Periklis Kleitou, Ioannis Savva, Guillem Roca, Julia Santana-Garcon, Adriana Vergés, Núria Marbà
38 Association of scientists and fishermen network Monica Demetriou Georgios Nikolaidis, Monica Demetriou, Stavros Stylianou, Marios Papageorgiou
39 Establishing baseline assessment levels for monitoring coastal heavy metals using foraminiferal shells: A case study from the Southeastern Mediterranean Sigal Abramovich Lin Hoober, Danna Titelboim, Sigal Abramovich, Barak Herut, Nadya Teutsch, Tal Benaltabet, Adi Torfstein