Submission procedure


Guidelines for Authors

Thalassa 2022 Conference will follow a Double Blind submission process.

Please do NOT include author information in your submissions.

The decision for acceptance/rejection will be based on submitted abstracts only. The abstracts will be peer-reviewed by a Scientific Committee formed by experts in the field.

During the submission, please state whether you are applying for a presentation or a poster or both. The authors will be informed upon acceptance/rejection via email.

Abstracts must be submitted online through:

The preferred browsers are Firefox or Chrome.

Structure of Abstracts

The abstract should be an explicit summary of your presentation, giving the reader a brief overview of the problem, the objectives, the methodology used, the main results and conclusions.

The abstract must not exceed 500 words. You will also be required to submit key words, the author(s) and institution details on separate fields.

Physical Presence

The conference will take place with physical presence; the speaker will be required to present their work in person.

Presentations will take place in 15-minute slots, including time for questions. It is up to the discretion of the speaker to allow time for Q&A within the 15 minutes. It is recommended however to allow at least 2-3 minutes for Q&A at the end.

Posters will be on display throughout the duration of the conference at a common area. There will also be a dedicated poster session, where all authors will be able to give short speed talks (2 min) on their work.

There will be virtual coverage of the sessions for visitors to follow the conference online.

Guideline for Abstract Submission

Submission Steps:

  1. To create an EasyAcademia account, visit and click on Thalassa 2022 Login. On the new screen that appears, click below on Create new account.
  2. Activate your account by clicking on the activation link sent to your email account.
    Note: Please check your Spam folder if you have not received the email within a few minutes.
  3. Log into, using the login details you provided during account creation.
  4. Click on Start a new submission on the top right to enter the submission process.
  5. Go through the steps, adding details as requested.
  6. Under Authors please input details for each author of the paper. At least one author must be marked as presenter and / or correspondent.
    Note: Authors marked as correspondents will receive updates and information regarding the submission.
  7. Insert your abstract in the relevant field, without including any author information.
  8. If you are happy with the summary information, please click on Submit Now to finalize the process, and an e-mail will be sent to all co-authors to inform them.

If at any point you are having trouble submitting, or require more information, please contact us at and we will respond back as soon as possible.