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Prof. Chunming Rong

Co-chair, IEEE Blockchain and Chair, IEEE Cloud Computing
Head, Center for IP-based Service Innovation (CIPSI), University of Stavanger, NORWAY

Secure Data Sharing based on Blockchain

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Data sharing has become a popular daily life activity all around the world. Data analysis may yield value in different aspects. Data driven services has foreseen potential in many sectors, for example energy, health, banking, insurance and transportation. However, violations of user privacy and digital rights management (DRM) in form of unintended data use, corporate applications and security breaches are being widely reported across multiple sources. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims at protecting individual’s privacy. Cloud service providers dealing with EU citizen data must fully adopt to GDPR by 2018. However, accountability frameworks for distributed IT services is needed but still absent; hence it is difficult for users to understand, influence and determine how their service providers honor their obligations. It is important to support users in deciding and tracking how cloud service providers use their data. Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), through recent development, enables not only transactions, but also smart contracts allowing complex computation on a network where parties are geographically distant or have no particular trust in each other to interact and exchange value and information on a fully distributed basis with fewer to non-existent central intermediaries. Our patented blockchain based decentralized and distributed technology proposes a novel on-the-fly dynamic control framework on shared data. The solution uniquely allows a user to trace, retract, remove and limit sharing of shared content. It gives the digital right and sharing control power back to the data creator, which is often considered as lost once it is shared today. It aims to create balance between data utility and privacy, thus creating a win-win situation between organizations and their customers.

About the Speaker

Prof. Chunming Rong is the co-chair of IEEE Blockchain, chair of IEEE Cloud Computing. He is the head of the Center for IP-based Service Innovation (CIPSI) at the University of Stavanger (UiS) and adjunct Chief Scientist leading Big-Data Initiative at IRIS. He was vice president (2015-2016) of CSA Norway Chapter. His research work focuses on data science, cloud computing, security and privacy. He is an IEEE senior member and is honoured as member of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences (NTVA) since 2011. He has extensive contact network and projects in both the industry and academic. He is also founder and Steering Chair of IEEE CloudCom conference and workshop series. He is the steering chair and associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC), and co-Editors-in-Chief of the Journal of Cloud Computing (ISSN: 2192-113X) by Springer. Prof. Rong has extensive experience in managing large-scale R&D projects funded by both industry and funding agencies, both in Norway and EU.