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Your Ideal Conference Destination

From its ancient archaeological sites to its vibrant cultural scene and pristine beaches, Paphos offers delegates a harmonious balance of work and leisure. Conference attendees can immerse themselves in thought-provoking discussions by day, and unwind amidst the city’s natural beauty and cultural treasures by night. Whether exploring ancient ruins or the local cuisine, conferences in Paphos promise an unforgettable conference experience that stimulates the mind and soothes the soul.

Luxury Venues

The plethora of luxury hotels offers flexibility in accommodation year-round.

Local Universities

New built universities can support the conference with various means.

Close to an airport

Paphos International Airport is located 20 minutes from the city center.

Natural Beauty

The green landscapes, and clean beaches provide an inspiring environment.

Fun Facts

The “Meze Madness”: Prepare your taste buds for a culinary adventure in Paphos, where you’ll encounter endless plates of mouthwatering meze – just be sure to pace yourself to avoid a food coma!

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Paphosis full of ancient ruins, including the Tomb of the Kings and the Paphos Archaeological Park, recognized by UNESCO for their historical significance.

Akamas Peninsula: This virgin nature reserve offers hiking trails, secluded beaches, and breathtaking views of the rugged coastline.

Wine Tasting Tours: Explore the vineyards of the Paphos region and sample some of Cyprus’s finest wines, including the famous Commandaria.

The Cat Statues: Paphos is home to an abundance of friendly felines, and you’ll often find quirky cat statues scattered throughout the city, paying homage to its beloved furry residents.

The “Siesta Siestas”: Embrace the local tradition of the siesta in Paphos, where shops and businesses often close for a midday break – the perfect excuse for an afternoon snooze or leisurely stroll.


Exploring the CityPaphos


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    Important ContactsPaphos

    • Emergency Numbers
    • Embassies
    • Transportation Services

    Police: 112 or 199

    Ambulance: 112 or 199

    Fire Department: 112 or 199

    Coast Guard: 112 or 199

    Tourist Police: 112 or 1498

    EasyConferences: +357 2251900

     Georgia Consulate General +357 (26) 422840

    Paphos Buses:

    Intercity Buses:



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