Workshop: Chemical Data Management


Data Management for chemicals is a new topic in the sphere of the EnvironInfo. But the interaction with other domains e.g.

• Environment and Health
• Agriculture and food supply systems
• Health and food security
is obvious. Chemicals play an important role in our lives. Whether in personal life, but also in industry and manufacturing processes. This issue also has a long political tradition. In June 1992, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil addressed the environmentally sound management of toxic chemicals [Chapter 19], covering the “information exchange on toxic chemicals and chemical risks…” [Paragraph 4c]. In September 2002, the World Summit on Sustainable Development encouraged the “development of coherent and integrated information on chemicals…” [Paragraph 23f].

Coherence and integration of information on chemicals means to find solutions for the Chemical Data Management. Generell speaking, compilation, standardisation, harmonisation, quality control, reporting, sharing, and processing are points for the data management. A good example is the European Chemical Information System so called IUCLID, managend by the European Chemical Agency ECHA. Data standardisation and harmonisation, and the exchange via joint data platforms and hubs is an issue to establish common data management and harmonization guidelines.

The integration of this information on chemicals is not a vision. ICT technologies are a major trigger for the development of global portals. A globally accessible of a repository for hazard data, assessments and other information on chemicals allows the (re)use of data in different contexts. An adequate amount of related metadata needs to be provided and sufficient information to judge if the data is of sufficient quality for the envisaged use. The need for computer science in these areas is evident. Hence environmental health informatics of high importance in this respect. The eChemPortal is one example of this approach. That’s why the session/workshop of chemical datamanagement is offered for the first timeon this conference, will be organized this year in Cyprus /Greece.  

Call for papers:

Wellcome are papers on the following topics, where ICT technologies play a crucial role to achieve a sustainability Green Chemistry in context of the Agenda 2030.

  • Joint Data Portals, Data Hubs and Data Services for chemicals
  • IT-methodologies for the development of guidelines according to the principles of FAIR data management
  • Examples for applications using ICT for the Implementation of a Network of Chemistry (ChIN)) taking legal, ethical, privacy, security, etc. aspects into account
  • Interfaces for interaction between several disciplines like agriculture, food supply systems etc.
  • Chemicals and Chemical Information Systems
  • Green Chemistry
  • Health Informatics
  • Integration Algorithem 


Prof. Dr. Gerlinde Knetsch
German Environment Agency
Unit Information Systems on chemicals
Woerlitzer Platz 106844 Dessau-Roßlau

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