Special Session: Informatics in agri-food production


In the age of information, emerging communication and decision-making technologies play an promissing role in the agrifood value chain. Food production stakeholders and consumers are increasingly benefiting from technologies that enable them to warrant and retrieve full confidence on products and processes. Therefore, ICT tools need to be incorporated throughout the whole food production chain, from the farm to the consumer’s table. Due to the complexity and unpredictable nature of the agrifood supply chain we face multiple inefficiencies and hence more exploitation of farming community. This poses a challenge to connect the consumer to the rest of the food production and distribution system. Modern digital technologies are important factors to make information flow and management meaningful to all the stakeholders. Furthermore, agrifood research produces and handles massive amounts of data from various sources and/or experiments. ICT plays pivotal role in data analysis and integrative processing.

The session will attempt to formulate a comprehensive understanding of Agrifood Informatics, showcasing current trends and allowing participants of different scientific fields to elaborate on a common communication language and to network.

Call for papers:

The session welcomes contributions in the following areas:

  • Information in Rich Agrifood Systems
  • Sensing and sensors in Agrifood Systems
  • Spatial interactions of food production
  • Data and Information Management in Agrifood Systems
  • Ecological Agriculture and Informatics
  • Informatics- based decision making
  • Blockchain in Agrifood Chain
  • Data mining in Agrifood Systems
  • Artificial inteligence in Agrifood Systems
  • Omics in Agrifood Systems


Dr. Dimitris Tsaltas
Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus  

Dr. Francesc Prenafeta
Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA), Barcelona Spain 

Contact emails for questions/clarifications: dimitris.tsaltas@cut.ac.cy, Francesc.Prenafeta@irta.cat 


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