Special Session: Climate change adaptation


The main objective of this session is to bring together environmental experts, academics, activists and practitioners as to present existing environmental practices, identify gaps and needs, as well as discuss emerging challenges at national and international level.

The session will be divided in three parts:

Part 1: Presentation of existing best practices in Cyprus in order to determine current capacities as well as limitations and gaps in understanding the environmental protection & conservation and climate change. The presentations will follow an inclusive approach, use interactive techniques and present materials and products from the best practices.

Part 2: Presentation of on-going EU project actions in Cyprus:

  • TAKE IT – Real-world education to boost climate change adaptation: TAKE IT project aims to empower individuals, boost voluntary action and help people through the transition so they understand climate change and take appropriate adaptation action. The project seeks to develop a culture of change and sustainability, up-skill the educators with science and social-based competences, empower individuals with personally relevant and meaningful information, provide a set of innovative and cutting-edge training resources, boost European dimension and cooperation, and engage associated partners, experts and key stakeholders.
  • ACTIONempowering educators and community leaders to act on climate change: ACTION is a cross-cutting EU Erasmus+ project, which addresses learning content, outcomes and didactics, it offers a set of practical digital education resources and promotes closer links between education and local communities, in order to develop a culture of sustainability, up-skill the educators and community leaders, provide a set of innovative and cutting-edge training curriculum and educational resources, boost European dimension and cooperation, and engage associated partners, experts and key stakeholders, in development, validation, dissemination and mainstreaming actions.

Part 3: Interactive panel discussion on national and international environmental issues, concerns, identification of gaps and constructive discussion on ways to tackle emerging challenges.

Call for papers:

This track invites papers in a wide area of topics related to climatic change, e.g.:

  • Climate change adaptation

  • Community empowerment in climate change aspects

  • Environmental education

  • National best practices

  • Recent, on-going and future European environmental projects

This track will give researchers a platform to present the actual results of their work and to discuss it with the participants of the conference.


Mrs. Panayiota Constanti
Center of Social Innovation, Cyprus 

Mrs. Emily Psara
Center of Social Innovation, Cyprus 

Contact emails for questions/clarifications: panayiota.constanti@csicy.com, emily.psara@csicy.com 


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