Doctoral Symposium

Accepted Papers


 Author registration deadline: 19 September 2022

  • Widening the Support of Code-Related Tasks via Large Pre-trained Language Models of Code, Antonio Mastropaolo and Gabriele Bavota
  • Studying the Strengths and Weaknesses of Code Recommender Systems, Matteo Ciniselli and Gabriele Bavota
  • Efficient Combination Of Spectrum-Based Fault Localization and Program Slicing, Péter Soha
  • Supporting Video Game Maintenance by Mining Gameplay Videos, Emanuela Guglielmi, Simone Scalabrino and Rocco Oliveto
  • Quality Analysis of iOS Applications with Focus on Maintainability and Security, Kristiina Rahkema and Dietmar Pfahl
  • The Phantom Menace: Unmasking Security Issues in Evolving Software, Emanuele Iannone and Fabio Palomba
  • Assessing and Improving the Quality of Docker Artifacts, Giovanni Rosa, Simone Scalabrino and Rocco Oliveto
  • Synthesising Linear API Usage Examples for API Documentation, Seham Alharbi, Dimitris Kolovos and Nicholas Matragkas
  • On the Evolution of Code Readability, Valentina Piantadosi