New Ideas and Emerging Results (NEIR) Track

Accepted Papers

Author registration deadline: 02 August 2022

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Towards Automatic Replacement of Custom Implementations with APIs Rosalia Tufano, Emad Aghajani and Gabriele Bavota
“When the Code becomes a Crime Scene” Towards Dark Web Threat Intelligence with Software Quality Metrics Giuseppe Cascavilla, Gemma Catolino, Felipe Ebert, Damian Andrew Tamburri and Willem-Jan van den Heuvel
A First Look at Information Highlighting in Stack Overflow Answers Shahla Shaan Ahmed, Shaowei Wang, Haoxiang Zhang, Tse-Hsun Chen and Tian Yuan
FuzzNT : Checking for Program Non-termination Hrishikesh Karmarkar, Raveendra Kumar Medicherla, Ravindra Metta and Prasanth Yeduru
Together or Apart? Investigating a mediator bot to aggregate bot’s comments on pull requests Eric Ribeiro, Ronan Nascimento, Igor Steinmacher, Laerte Xavier, Marco Gerosa, Hugo De Paula and Mairieli Wessel
Evolution of Atoms of Confusion across Pull Requests Victoria Bogachenkova, Linh Nguyen, Felipe Ebert, Fernando Castor and Alexander Serebrenik
Elevating Jupyter Notebook Maintenance Tooling by Identifying and Extracting Notebook Structures Yuan Jiang, Christian Kästner and Shurui Zhou
Impact of Defect Instances for Successful Deep Learning-based Automatic Program Repair Misoo Kim, Youngkyoung Kim, Jinseok Heo, Hohyeon Jeong, Sungoh Kim and Eunseok Lee
An Exploratory Study of Documentation Strategies for Product Features in Popular GitHub Projects Tim Puhlfürß, Lloyd Montgomery and Walid Maalej
Inferring Fine-grained Traceability Links between Javadoc Comment and JUnit Test Code Jeewoong Kim and Shin Hong
How to Configure Anomaly Event Detector on Software Logs? Jesse Nyyssölä, Mika Mäntylä and Martín Varela
A Conceptual Antifragile Microservice Framework for Reshaping Critical Infrastructures Hind Bangui, Bruno Rossi and Barbora Buhnova
Why Don’t XAI Techniques Agree? Characterizing the Disagreements Between Post-hoc Explanations of Defect Predictions Saumendu Roy, Gabriel Laberge, Banani Roy, Foutse Khomh, Amin Nikanjam and Saikat Mondal
Integrating Software Issue Tracking and Traceability Models Naveen Ganesh Muralidharan, Vera Pantelic, Victor Bandur and Richard Paige
Adding Context to Source Code Representations for Deep Learning Fuwei Tian and Christoph Treude
Apples, Oranges & Fruits – Understanding Similarity of Software Repositories Through The Lens of Dissimilar Artifacts A Eashaan Rao and Sridhar Chimalakonda
Developers Struggle with Authentication in Blazor WebAssembly Pascal Marc André, Quentin Pierre Stiévenart and Mohammad Ghafari