Tool Demo Track

Accepted Papers

Author registration deadline: 02 August 2022

AIP: Scalable and Reproducible Execution Traces in Energy Studies on Mobile Devices Olivier Nourry, Yutaro Kashiwa, Bin Lin, Michele Lanza, Gabriele Bavota and Yasutaka Kamei
The Visual Debugger Tool Tim Kräuter, Harald König, Adrian Rutle and Yngve Lamo
Community Smell Detection and Refactoring on Steroids: The CADOCS Project Gianmario Voria, Viviana Pentangelo, Antonio Della Porta, Stefano Lambiase, Gemma Catolino, Fabio Palomba and Filomena Ferrucci
RestTestGen: An Extensible Framework for Automated Black-box Testing of RESTful APIs Davide Corradini, Amedeo Zampieri, Michele Pasqua and Mariano Ceccato
CATTO: Just-in-time Test Case Selection and Execution Dario Amoroso d’Aragona, Fabiano Pecorelli, Simone Romano, Giuseppe Scanniello, Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Andrea Janes and Valentina Lenarduzzi
COBREX: A Tool for Extracting Business Rules from COBOL Mir Sameed Ali, Nikhil Manjunath and Sridhar Chimalakonda
Defuse: A Data Annotator and Model Builder for Software Defect Prediction Stefano Dalla Palma, Dario Di Nucci and Damian Tamburri
DiscOrDance: Visualizing Software Developers Communities on Discord Marco Raglianti, Csaba Nagy, Roberto Minelli and Michele Lanza
eTagger – An Energy Pattern Tagging Tool for GitHub Issues in Android Projects Shriram Shanbhag, Sridhar Chimalakonda, Vibhu Saujanya Sharma and Vikrant Kaulgud
RepoQuester: A Tool Towards Evaluating GitHub Projects Kowndinya Boyalakuntla, Meiyappan Nagappan, Sridhar Chimalakonda and Nuthan Munaiah
VSCode Migrate: Semi-Automatic Migrations for Low Coverage Projects Tim Vahlbrock, Martin Guddat and Tom Vierjahn
LiFUSO: A tool for Library Feature Unveiling based on Stack Overflow Posts Camilo Velázquez-Rodríguez, Eleni Constantinou and Coen De Roover
AutoPRTitle: A Tool for Automatic Pull Request Title Generation Ivana Clairine Irsan, Ting Zhang, Ferdian Thung, David Lo and Lingxiao Jiang

Perun: Performance Version System

Tomas Fiedor, Jiri Pavela, Adam Rogalewicz and Tomas Vojnar