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Accepted Papers


Giovanni Rosa, Simone Scalabrino and Rocco Oliveto

Fixing Dockerfile Smells: An Empirical Study

Pierre-Olivier Côté, Amin Nikanjam, Rached Bouchoucha and Foutse Khomh

Quality issues in Machine Learning Software Systems

Biruk Asmare Muse, Kawser Wazed Nafi, Foutse Khomh and Giuliano Antoniol

Data-access performance anti-patterns in data-intensive systems

Valeria Pontillo, Dario Amoroso d’Aragona, Fabiano Pecorelli, Dario Di Nucci, Filomena Ferrucci and Fabio Palomba

Machine Learning-Based Test Smell Detection

Giammaria Giordano, Gerardo Festa, Gemma Catolino, Fabio Palomba, Filomena Ferrucci and Carmine Gravino

On the Adoption and Effects of Source Code Reuse on Defect Proneness and Maintenance Effort

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