Accepted Papers – CAiSE Forum

>> Event Data and Process Model Forecasting

Wenjun Zhou, Artem Polyvyanyy and James Bailey

>> Permission Analysis for Object-centric Processes

Marius Breitmayer, Lisa Arnold and Manfred Reichert

>> Incorporating Behavioral Recommendations Mined from Event Logs into AI Planning

Gyunam Park, Majid Rafiei, Hayyan Helal, Gerhard Lakemeyer and Wil van der Aalst

>> ProReco: A Process Discovery Recommender System

Tsung-Hao Huang, Tarek Junied, Marco Pegoraro and Wil van der Aalst

>> RecPro: A User-Centric Recommendation Tool for Business Process Execution

Sebastian Petter and Stefan Jablonski

>> Predictive maintenance in a fleet management system: the Navarchos case

Apostolos Giannoulidis, Anna-Valentini Michailidou, Theodoros Toliopoulos, Ioannis Constantinou and Anastasios Gounaris

>> CDMiA: revealing impacts of data migrations on schemas in multi-model systems

Annabelle Gillet and Eric Leclercq

>> Trustworthy Collaborative Business Intelligence Using Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Blockchains

Giovanni Quattrocchi and Pierlugi Plebani

>> MApp-KG: Mobile App Knowledge Graph for Document-based Feature Knowledge Generation

Quim Motger, Xavier Franch and Jordi Marco 

>> Towards Intelligent Systems to Improve IEC 62559 Use Cases and Smart Grid Architecture Models Quality

René Kuchenbuch, Laura Niemann, Johann Schütz and Juergen Sauer 

>> Pricing4SaaS: Towards a pricing model to drive the operation of SaaS

Alejandro García-Fernández, José Antonio Parejo and Antonio Ruiz-Cortés 

>> CAKE: Sharing Slices of Confidential Data on Blockchain

Edoardo Marangone, Michele Spina, Claudio Di Ciccio and Ingo Weber 

>> Validity at the Forefront: Investigating Threats in Green AI Research

Carles Farré and Xavier Franch

>> PADI-web for plant health surveillance

Mathieu Roche, Julien Rabatel, Carlène Trevennec and Isabelle Pieretti 

>> Requirement-Based Methodological Steps to Identify Ontologies for Reuse

Reham Alharbi, Valentina Tamma and Floriana Grasso 

>> Toward Ontology-Guided IFRS Standard-Setting

Ivars Blums and Hans Weigand

>> PROMISE: A Framework for Model-Driven Stateful Prompt Orchestration

Wenyuan Wu, Jasmin Heierli, Max Meisterhans, Adrian Moser, Andri Färber, Mateusz Dolata, Elena Gavagnin, Alexandre de Spindler and Gerhard Schwabe

>> Towards an explorable conceptual map of Large Language Models

Lorenzo Bertetto, Francesca Bettinelli, Alessio Buda, Marco Da Mommio, Simone Di Bari, Claudio Savelli, Elena Baralis, Anna Bernasconi, Luca Cagliero, Stefano Ceri and Francesco Pierri