Accepted Papers – Journal First

>> Understanding the Structure of Knowledge Graphs with ABSTAT Profiles 

Blerina Spahiu, Matteo Palmonari, Renzo Arturo Alva Principe and Anisa Rula


>> Pipeline Design for Data Preparation for Social Media Analysis 

Carlo Alberto Bono, Cinzia Cappiello, Barbara Pernici, Edoardo Ramalli and Monica Vitali


>> Intent-Driven Orchestration: Enforcing Service Level Objectives for Cloud Native Deployments 

Thijs Metsch, Magdalena Viktorsson, Adrian Hoban, Monica Vitali and Erik Elmroth


>> Model Consistency as a Heuristic for Eventual Correctness 

Istvan David, Hans Vangheluwe and Eugene Syrian


>> A model-based methodology to support systems security design and assessment 

Avi Shaked


>> Why don’t We Trace? A Study on The Barriers to Software Traceability in Practice 

Marcela Ruiz, Jin Yang Hu and Fabiano Dalpiaz