Accepted Papers – Doctoral Consortium

>> From Adoption to Endurance: Exploring the Dynamics of AI Adoption Across Time and Contexts

Jordan Abras

>> A methodological approach to model-driven software development for quality assurance in metaverse environments

Elena Enamorado Díaz

>> Integrating LLMs with Knowledge Graphs-enhanced Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems

Vasile Ionut Remus Iga

>> Selecting Adequate Machine Learning Methods for Human-Computer Interaction Data Sets: Guidelines and a Conceptual Structure

Anna Christina Weigand

>> Intelligent perception systems for multi-modal data processing in industrial application contexts

Annaclaudia Bono

>> From Unpacking to Operationalization: A Conceptual Modelling-based Journey into Variant Interpretation

Mireia Costa

>> Translating Polygenic Risk Score Research to a Clinical Setting

Diana Martínez

>> Comparable and Repeatable Information Security Level Evaluation

Mari Seeba