Student Travel Grant

We are aware that attending the ECVP may be expensive, especially for people coming from economically disadvantaged countries. ECVP 2023 is planning to offer a number of (possibly partial) travel/fee reimbursements to facilitate joining ECVP 2023

We will consider applications from students coming from low-income countries, as well as from non-students who are temporarily without a salary (e.g., young researchers looking for a job after finishing a PhD).

 Submission can de done through the Submission portal ( during the abstract submission. Each application should be accompanied by the applicant’s CV (to be uploaded in the system – step Attachment). 


Applicants will be notified about the organizers’ decisions by May 31st at the latest. Please note that the grants will be awarded on site during the Business meeting on Wednesday August 31st, thus only if the beneficiary attends the conference. Otherwise the grants will be re-assigned to other applicants

* Student Travel Grants notifications have been sent to successful applicants.