Symposia Proposals

General information about symposia

A symposium should provide a diverse overview of a lively research area that is of interest for the ECVP audience. Organizers should aim to include speakers from different groups, who represent a broad range of views and ideas under the umbrella of the symposium topic. The individual talks should relate to each other and be suited to provoke discussion.

We explicitly encourage young investigators to take the chance of organizing a symposium at this important and pleasant conference. We seek for diversity in ECVP 2023 contributions with regard to gender, age, nationality, and topics in the field of visual perception.

Submission guidelines

The organizer of the symposium is in charge of the submission.  The submission includes the title, abstract, the convenor/chair and speakers of the symposium. The abstract (max. 300 words) should describe the recurrent theme, the motivation, and the relevance of the topic for the ECVP community. A symposium may have a maximum of two organizers. A minimum of four talks is required; up to six talks are allowed. Talk time and Q&A time can be scheduled within the 1.5-hour session according to the organizers’ discretion (e.g., after individual talks, concentrated at the end of a session, or a mixture of the two approaches)

The symposium papers are submitted using a multi-page form (as attachment to the symposium overview submission”) that includes information about the talks in the symposium.  

Required symposium information:

  • Symposium title.
  • Abstract of the symposium (maximum 300 words). Appears on the symposium overview page.
  • Name, affiliation, and contact information for the organizers (maximum 2 organizers).

Required information for each talk (in the document) :

  • Talk title.
  • Talk abstract (maximum 250 words).
  • Author names and affiliations.
  • Email and country of citizenship of the talk presenter (first author).

 Please submit your symposium proposal to:  

Important Dates

The deadline for submissions is January 16, 2023

All contributions will be reviewed by the local organizers and two additional members from the ECVP community. You will be notified about the decision February 06, 2023.


Please note that all speakers of accepted symposium contributions will also have to register as participants for the conference and pay the regular fee. 

Symposium presenters will not be able to present any other contribution at the conference (they may appear as co-author).  This is done to give the opportunity to as many people to present, as we are expecting an increased number of conference registrations for ECVP 2023.